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Exclaim.png This article contains information about a feature or product
that no longer exists. It is kept for archival purposes only.

Inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing games, Lee Myung-jin began categorizing his manhwa characters into alignments around the time he began work on the Ragnarok Online MMORPG. The concept was used in the game, although designed a bit differently.

How It Worked[edit | edit source]

The Temperament tab as originally designed.
The inactive Tendency box on the Guild window.

In Ragnarok Online, the Alignment System was referred to as Temperament and Tendency and utilized the following 4 categories:

  • Righteous (R) - Have good morals.
  • Wicked (W) - Have bad morals.
  • Famed (F) - Well-known in the community.
  • Vulgar (V) - Obscure or easily forgotten.

The Temperament system was to be used to customize player character performance and would be accessible through a separate tab on a character's Status window. Points can be assigned to the categories in the Temperament window and players can assign alignment points to other players as well. Players can begin using it by leveling up their Basic Skill to Level 8 as a Novice. Depending on a player's alignment, they can increase their item drop chance and receive Tendency penalties and bonuses.

The Tendency of a guild depends on the overall statistics of the guildmembers' individual Temperament (e.g. if the majority of guildmembers were of a Vulgar Temperament, then the guild's Tendency would lean towards the V).

The Alignment System was implemented for some time with players earning "good" points for killing aggressive monsters and "bad" points for killing passive monsters. It was later taken out for unknown reasons, but remnants of the system's interface remained in the game long after the system was killed off. With the Renewal update to Ragnarok Online, the Temperament tab in the Status window was finally removed, but the Tendency box still remains on the Guild window. Whether a different alignment system will be implemented in the future or not is unknown. However, it can be assured the alignment system as originally planned will never see the light of day.

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