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Class Normal
Level 112
Size Medium
Type Demon
Element Neutral
Natural Habitat Robot Factory

Aliot is a Third Generation robot developed by the Kiel Hyre Foundation. It was mostly designed by Kiel Hyre's son, Kiel Jr. Most of the robots that were developed by Kiel Hyre foundation were sold to the Rekenber Corporation, including the Third Generation robots.

Aliot, prior to realizing his true form.

Aliot was once a student of the Kiel Hyre Academy. The academy was actually a prototype testing ground for Third Generation robots. They were trained there to interact and learn to be more like Normans. Apart from that, each robot was design to master specific tasks to make them experts in their field. It is noted that most of the prototypes including Aliot do not know that they are robot. They all think they are orphans.

An event happened along the way, which leads Kiel Jr. to modify most of the Third Generation robots to become hostile and violent. Aliot was one of the captured students that was modified to become a monster. Now he roams around the factory, preventing intruders from venturing around it.

It is not known if there is way to reverse the process and make them normal again. So far the best way to stop them is by simply killing them.[1]

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