Archer Village

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Archer Village
Level none
RO ArcherVillage.jpg
The village right outside the Payon Cave.
Race Norman
Affiliation Payon
Location North of Payon
Technical Name(s) pay_arche

The Archer Village was built to effectively help defend Payon from the onslaught of undead that lies deep within the Payon Cave. It houses the headquarters of the Archer Association as well as a training area for budding Archers. The Hunter Guild was once located here alongside the Archer Association, but it has since moved to Hugel.

A statue of Buddha lies east of the village, possibly built to watch over the defenders in their time of need.

Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2017 Feb. 01)
    • Rewards for some old quests in the game will be changed to compensate for the experience that the NPC paid to a small amount of Zeny.
      • Contents: The Sign, Thanatos Tower, Archery Village Alchemist Guild Member