Arrow Shower

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Arrow Shower
Usable by
Job Class Archer
Type Offensive
Category Ranged (10 cells + Vulture's Eye level)
Levels 10
Cast Time none
Cooldown 0.1 second
Other Information
Requirements Double Strafe Lv. 5

Arrow Shower is an Area of Effect skill, damaging all monsters near the monster the caster targets and knocks them back 2 cells. The skill level affects the damage inflicted on the enemy.

  • Level 1-5 AOE = 1-cell radius
  • Level 6+ AOE = 2-cell radius
  • The knock back of this skill depends on where the enemies are relative to where the skill is casted. Any monsters hit in the center will move west of the map.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Arrow Shower can hit cloaked monsters/players.
  • Traps can be moved around using this skill, much like how monsters/players are affected by usual knock back skills. Using this method, it is possible to push traps beneath monsters (which is not directly possible).
  • Animation delay cannot be bypassed by movement or being hit.

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