Back Stab

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Back Stab
Usable by
Job Class Rogue, Stalker
Type Offensive
Category Melee
Levels 10
Cast Time none
Cooldown ASPD based
Other Information
Requirements Snatch Lv. 4, Steal Coin Lv. 4

Back Stab strikes a target from behind its back with a stab that cannot be avoided.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Can be performed from Hiding.
  • Never misses target, unless the target is under Cast Off Cicada Shell/Illusionary Shadow (Ninja) or Kaupe (Soul Linker).
  • Damage is affected by cards and element.
  • Can be used with bows, but damage will be halved.
  • Can not be used if the foe turns its backside away from the caster.
  • There is a glitch where if performed from below the foe, coming out of Hide - although being hard to achieve - it can be used repetitively and without delay until the target moves.

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2018 Nov. 28)
    • The way of use moves to the opposite side of the target and changes it to give damage, and it is changed to be unusable in Hiding state.
    • When used with a dagger-based weapon, damage is doubled.
    • Accuracy correction effect is added according to skill level.
    • Skill cooldown of 0.5 seconds is added.