Bai Long

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Bai Long
Bai Long as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Lord
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 6 (Ragnarok Online)

Bai Long is the current ruler of Luoyang. He is very welcoming to Rune-Midgartsians, especially considering the state of affairs in Luoyang. He was once known as the "Street King" in the days before he became lord of Luoyang.

Story[edit | edit source]

Luoyang suffered for many years from the frequent invasions of evil creatures. Then 40 years ago, Bai Long used his strength and leadership to gather many warriors to form the Wu Lin, and was able to turn back the invading monsters. Together with his comrades, Bai Long's valiant efforts brought peace to the city and the people of Luoyang made him their leader. However, as the glory of his youth faded, so did the peace that was enjoyed in Luoyang. As Bai Long aged, many warrior factions began to compete with one another, each of them plotting to take over Luoyang from Bai Long. With dissension among the warriors, the monsters were once again able to advance towards Luoyang.

Lamenting over the Luoyang warriors that were now fragmented by selfishness, Bai Long decided that he would welcome outsiders, so long as they were loyal and pure of heart, and gather strong fighters from other lands to wage battle against the monsters. Many middle-class people welcomed these foreign adventurers, recognizing the benefit of cultural exchange and new product imports as well as the need to protect their city. However, the warrior factions and the older established families were unhappy with Bai Long's decision.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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