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Class Normal
Level 156
Size Big
Type Dragon
Element Water
Natural Habitat Bakonawa Lake

Bakonawa is a vicious monster that was defeated by five Malayan warriors about a hundred years ago. One of the warriors received a dire wound on his leg, which caused Bakonawa to hunt after that warrior. Bakonawa then took the form of an old Norman lady and began spreading a story about how she loved her son and that she was unjustly killed by the Malayans' selfishness, which caused her anger and vengeance twisted her spirit into the monster known as Bakonawa.

When an adventurer uncovers the true story behind Bakonawa's manipulations, the people of Malaya set off to destroy him.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tales about the Bakunawa say that it is the cause of eclipses. During ancient times, Filipinos believe that there are seven moons created by Bathala to light up the sky. The Bakunawa, amazed by their beauty, would rise from the ocean and swallow the moons whole, angering Bathala and causing them to be mortal enemies.[2]
  • To keep the moons from completely being swallowed by the Bakunawa, ancient Filipinos would go out of their homes with pans and pots, and would make noise in order to scare the Bakunawa into spitting out the moon back into the sky. Some of the people in the villages would play soothing sounds with their musical instruments, in hopes that the dragon would fall into a deep sleep. Thus, the brave men of the village hoped that while the dragon was hypnotized by the musical sounds they could somehow slay the dragon. Although the dragon was known as a "moon eater" it was also known as a "man eater".[3]

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