Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti

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Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti
Usable by
Job Class Priest, High Priest
Type Offensive
Category Magic Spell
Levels 5
Cast Time none
Cooldown none
Other Information
Requirements Aspersio Lv. 5, Gloria Lv. 3

Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti endows the Holy property on the armor within a 3x3 cell area for this skill's duration. 2 Acolyte class type characters need to be next to the caster, on either side in a straight horizontal line (default camera view), in order for B.S. Sacramenti to be cast. Requires 20 SP to cast, and drains 10 SP from both of Acolyte-class characters. Undead and Demon monsters within the range of this skill will be damaged by the Holy property at half of your Heal amount.

On iRO, this skill is shortened to B.S. Sacramenti.

BSS's activation icon.

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