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For the Black Market Purchase Shop License vendor, see Mr. Jass.

Certain Magic Gear products can be bought from non-player vendors. These vendors are known as Black Marketeers and can be found in certain locations.

Black Marketeers[edit | edit source]

The following lists available Black Marketeers to purchase Magic Gear items from.

Vendor (Coordinates) Location
Black Marketeer (/navi prt_in 175/137) Prontera Weapon Shop
Black Marketeer (/navi einbroch 122/250) Einbroch
Black Marketeer (/navi lhz_in03 181/17) Lighthalzen Slums
Black Marketeer (/navi ra_in01 257/266) Rael Tool Shop
Black Marketeer (/navi mid_camp 184/263) Midgard Allied Forces Post

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Each Black Marketeer will carry the same inventory of items.

Item Price
Flamethrower 20,000 Zeny
Accelerator 100,000 Zeny
Hover Booster 100,000 Zeny
Shape Shifter 100,000 Zeny
Cooling Device 100,000 Zeny
Magnetic Field Generator 100,000 Zeny
Barrier Generator 150,000 Zeny
Repair Kit 200,000 Zeny
Camouflage Generator 250,000 Zeny
Self-destruct Device 500,000 Zeny
Vulcan Bullet 10 Zeny
Condensed Liquid Bullet 100 Zeny
Cannonball 100 Zeny
Holy Cannonball 200 Zeny
Dark Cannonball 200 Zeny
Soul Cannonball 200 Zeny
Iron Cannonball 500 Zeny
Magic Gear Fuel 300 Zeny
Monkey Wrench 500 Zeny
Repair A 220 Zeny
Repair B 500 Zeny
Repair C 1,100 Zeny