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Blacksmithing in Prontera. (RO)

Blacksmithing is a crafting system in Ragnarok Online that allows players to forge weapons. Only Blacksmith players are able to forge weapons. There are currently no plans to expand Blacksmithing to armor such as headgears and footgears.

In RO, Blacksmithing has success rates which scales with the level tier of weapons and skill level for ore processing. Typically, low level weapons have a higher success rate than high level weapons. Investing stat points into DEX and LUK will increase forging success rate in general in addition to forging equipment and job level.

When forging a weapon there are 3 available slots for modifying items. Items such as Flame Heart, Mystic Frozen, Rough Wind and Great Nature can be used to imbue the weapon with the Fire, Water, Wind and Earth properties, respectively. A weapon may only have one element at a time and using more than one elemental stone will cause the forge to fail. Slots may also be fitted with Star Crumbs.[1]

Unlike Alchemy and Cooking, Blacksmithing can be learned instead of requiring manuals in order to forge. Simply investing points into the Blacksmith class's various passive skills will unlock the recipes.

Processing Recipes[edit | edit source]

Processing recipes require a Mini Furnace to forge. The furnace is consumed during the forging process.

Skill Required Recipe Ingredients
Iron Tempering Iron 1 Iron Ore
Steel Tempering Steel 5 Irons
1 Coal
Enchanted Stone Craft Flame Heart 10 Red Bloods
Mystic Frozen 10 Crystal Blues
Great Nature 10 Green Lives
Rough Wind 10 Wind of Verdure
Star Crumb 10 Star Dust

Level 1 Weapons[edit | edit source]

Level 1 Weapons require an Iron Hammer to forge. The hammer is consumed during the forging process.

Skill Required Recipe Ingredients
Smith Dagger Knife 1 Iron
10 Jellopy
Smith Sword Sword 2 Irons
Smith Spear Javelin 3 Irons
Smith Mace Club 3 Irons
Smith Axe Axe 10 Irons
Smith Dagger Cutter 25 Irons
Smith Sword Falchion 30 Irons
Smith Mace Mace 30 Irons
Smith Spear Spear 35 Irons
Smith Two-Handed Sword Katana 35 Irons
15 Horrendous Mouths
Smith Sword Blade 45 Irons
25 Tooth of Bat
Smith Dagger Main Gauche 50 Irons
Smith Spear Pike 70 Irons
Smith Axe Battle Axe 110 Irons
Smith Brass Knuckle Waghnak 160 Irons
1 Pearl

Level 2 Weapons[edit | edit source]

Level 2 Weapons require a Golden Hammer to forge. The hammer is consumed during the forging process.

Skill Required Recipe Ingredients
Smith Dagger Dirk 17 Steel
Smith Sword Rapier 20 Steel
Smith Mace Smasher 20 Steel
Smith Spear Guisarme 25 Steel
Smith Two-Handed Sword Slayer 25 Steel
20 Decayed Nails
Smith Dagger Dagger 30 Steel
Smith Axe Hammer 30 Steel
Smith Mace Flail 33 Steel
Smith Sword Scimitar 35 Steel
Smith Dagger Stiletto 40 Steel
Smith Spear Glaive 40 Steel
Smith Sword Ring Pommel Saber 40 Steel
50 Wolf Claws
Smith Two-Handed Sword Bastard Sword 45 Steel
Smith Mace Chain 45 Steel
Smith Brass Knuckle Knuckle Dusters 50 Steel
Smith Spear Partizan 55 Steel
Smith Brass Knuckle Studded Knuckles 65 Steel

Level 3 Weapons[edit | edit source]

Level 3 Weapons require an Oridecon Hammer to forge. The hammer is consumed during the forging process.

Skill Required Recipe Ingredients
Smith Brass Knuckle Fist 4 Oridecon
10 Ruby
Smith Brass Knuckle Finger 4 Oridecon
10 Opals
Smith Axe Buster 4 Oridecon
20 Steel
30 Orc Fangs
Smith Dagger Gladius 4 Oridecon
40 Steel
1 Sapphire
Smith Dagger Damascus 4 Oridecon
60 Steel
1 Zircon
Smith Brass Knuckle Claw 8 Oridecon
10 Topazs
Smith Sword Saber 8 Oridecon
5 Steel
1 Opal
Smith Sword Haedonggum 8Oridecon
10 Steel
1 Topaz
Smith Axe Two-Handed Axe 8 Oridecon
10 Steel
1 Amethyst
Smith Spear Trident 8 Oridecon
10 Steel
5 Aquamarines
Smith Sword Tsurugi 8 Oridecon
15 Steel
1 Garnet
Smith Two-Handed Sword Two-Handed Sword 12 Oridecon
10 Steel
Smith Spear Halberd 12 Oridecon
10 Steel
Smith Spear Lance 12 Oridecon
3 Ruby
2 Evil Horns
Smith Two-Handed Sword Broad Sword 12 Oridecon
20 Steel
Smith Sword Flamberge 16 Oridecon
1 Cursed Ruby
Smith Two-Handed Sword Claymore 16 Oridecon
20 Steel
1 Cracked Diamond
Smith Mace Morning Star 85 Steel
1 1carat Diamond
Smith Mace Sword Mace 100 Steel
20 Sharp Scales
Smith Mace Stunner 120 Steel
1 Heroic Emblem

Blacksmith Ranking[edit | edit source]

Blacksmith Ranking is a system exclusive to RO in which players are ranked based on who can forge the most weapons.

  • Rank Point +1: For upgrading a Level 1 weapon that the player has forged to +10.
  • Rank Point +10: For successfully creating a Level 3 weapon that contains 3 stones (either 2 Star Crumbs and an Elemental Stone, or three Star Crumbs).
  • Rank Point +25: For upgrading a Level 2 weapon that you have forged to +10.
  • Rank Point +1000: For upgrading a Level 3 weapon that you have forged to +10.

Blacksmith Ranking can be checked via usage of the "/blacksmith" command in-game. A weapon created by ranked Blacksmiths will deal an extra +10 Mastery ATK damage.

References[edit | edit source]

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2019 May 08)
    • Fixed an issue with crafted items bearing character names showing that it was changed from previous character names.
  • Patch (2005 Mar. 29)
    • Ranking system for manufacturing reputation of Merchants' secondary job class is applied.
    • ★ Blacksmith & Whitesmith ★
      • Ranking POINT +1: Successfully make Level 3 weapon using three additional materials (Star/Attribute ***Stone)
      • POINT +10: +30: Refined your Level 2 weapon to +10
      • Ranking POINT +100: Refined your Level 3 weapon to +10
      • Ranking POINT +500: Level 4 Weapon weapon refining skill up to +10
      • (Whitesmith) You can always see your ranking using the /Blacksmith command, and if you use a weapon from Blacksmith/Whitesmith at +10, you will get +10 defensive nullifying damage.