Braham Von Walter

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Braham Von Walter
Gender Male
Job Class Prince
Race Norman
Family Augat Von Walter (brother)
Eyck Von Walter (father)
Schmitz Von Walter (son)
First Appearance mentioned only (Ragnarok Online)

Braham Von Walter was left as the only son in his family after his brother Augat died from a disease at the age of eight. After his brother passed away, Braham recognized his duty to carry on the family lineage and regain its great prosperity. In spite of his family's fall from grace, he became unrivaled among the other princes in ability and transformed his image from the son of a traitor to a legitimate successor to the throne.

Braham had already restored some of his family's lost honor, but he was still last in the line of succession to the throne and would not rest until he became king. He went so far as to marry twice to bolster his power within the Royal Court. His first wife failed to bear him a son, but his second wife gave birth to his first son, Schmitz Von Walter, when Braham was thirty-eight. When Schmitz Von Walter turned two, Braham had him adopted by the Gaebolg s, a first-class royal family, to bring him even closer to the royal throne. He kept the truth of his identity from Schmitz until the day he died.[1]

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