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Unlike Battle Jobs, Life Jobs are professions that allow players to craft products using materials they have gathered in the wild. All Life Jobs can harvest materials from fields or the corpses of dead monsters. Players can increase their Life Job levels by continuously gathering and crafting. The higher the Life Job level, the more variety and amount of items can be sold in their personal shops.

Life Jobs are only available in Ragnarok Online II. (In Ragnarok Online, crafting weapons and potions is only available to Blacksmith and Alchemist class characters respectively. Cooking can be unlocked via a cooking quest. There is no equivalent to Artisan.)

Guardians[edit | edit source]

The Guardian Gauge.

In addition, each Life Job can summon a special Guardian and borrow its powers. Upon leveling up the life job level to 10, each player can gain a Guardian Gauge underneath their HP and SP bars. Once filled, players will enter Guardian Mode in which they are now able to summon their respective Guardian.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

To summon your respective Guardian, you can either set a hotkey or click on the Guardian gauge on your character's health bar.

Guardian Mode[edit | edit source]

Once in Guardian Mode, player's skills are increased for a maximum of 30 seconds in which they have access to exclusive skills. The higher the Life Job level, the more powerful the skills become.

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