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Pet Tames are special items that can tame a monster to be one's personal pet. Pet Tames are one-time use items that have a success rate.

Using a Pet Tame[edit | edit source]

To turn a monster into a pet, players must first obtain a Pet Tame. Each tamable monster has a specific item it can only be tamed with.

  1. Once you have the taming item of the monster you wish to tame, seek out the monster on a map it spawns on.
  2. Double-click on the tame to turn your arrow cursor into a targeting cursor (halo icon). Carefully click on the monster with the targeting cursor to begin the taming process. (NOTE: It's best to attempt this on a monster that is alone with no other monsters around it in order to prevent mis-clicks, as mis-clicking will consume the Pet Tame whether or not you clicked on the monster.)
  3. If done correctly, a slot machine will appear in the center of your screen. Click on the slot machine to slow it down.
  4. If the slot machine lands on "Success," you will obtain the egg of the monster you wish to tame. If the machine lands on "Fail," you will receive nothing. The Pet Tame will be consumed whether or not you succeed.