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Character Page Additions[edit source]

As the Ragnarok Wiki slowly and steadily grows in size, there needs to be a means of organization so people can find the information they want easier.

That said, please note that the Characters category is only for characters that exist in the manhwa and the online games. Please sort spin-off characters in the appropriate sub-categories:

Please do not sort spin-off characters as "Characters" as they do not exist within the same timeline as the manhwa and online game characters.

Also, when creating pages for Ragnarok Online characters, please include AT LEAST:

  • a picture of the character's in-game sprite
  • the character's dialogue image (the image that pops up when a character speaks with you)

(Exceptions can be made for characters that are too old to have a dialogue image.)

Thank you for your cooperation.

ZeroTigress (talk) 05:23, February 22, 2013 (UTC)