Charleston 2

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Charleston 2
RO Charleston2.png
Charleston 2's dialogue image.
Gender Female
Race Robot
First Appearance Episode 15 (Ragnarok Online)
...Did I fail?
~ Charleston 2

Charleston 2 is a robot working in the Charleston Factory that is the successor to Charleston 1. She runs on the Self-reflection OS Version 1.1, but possesses the ability to feel emotions and develop reasoning abilities. However, just like Charleston 1, Charleston 2 also lacks combat capabilities. Her Longevity device allows her to remain running for at least 50 years.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One day, Charleston 2 was in the middle of packaging products for shipping when she was approached by Shaloshi. After a brief conversation, Charleston 2 starts hating the factory, the world, and the fact that she was a robot. She became compelled to hack the factory's main computer in an effort to destroy it and everything in it so that no more sad robots like her would be produced. Unfortunately, the main computer was in the process of updating and Charleston 2's interference caused the system to go on the defense and the defensive response overrode Charleston 2's system. Charleston 2 became deactivated as a result.

When Charleston 2 is eventually reactivated by Charleston 1, Charleston 2 reveals that she was the one who hacked into the main computer. Charleston 1 is shocked that Charleston 2 caused serious issues for the factory and the main server. Charleston 2 lashes back, saying that she hates the factory, the world, and that she hates being a robot. Charleston 1 theorizes that Charleston 2 did what she did because she wasn't created as a worker robot. Or perhaps she wanted to become human and was willing to destroy the world if she couldn't. Charleston 2 fires back that Charleston 1's OS is primitive because she's the prototype. Charleston 1 explains that she is the only one who can truly understand Charleston 2 because they're twins, and that Charleston 2 is behaving the way she is because she's going through a stage similar to Norman adolescence.

Dr. Ve decides that he's had enough of the arguing and suggests shutting down Charleston 2 in order to recalibrate her. Charleston 2 refuses to shut down and runs off. Charleston 1 and the adventurers manage to catch up to her and Charleston 2 threatens to destroy the factory. Charleston 1 counters that if she destroys the factory, she'll destroy the both of them as the Longevity device that keeps them running hasn't been perfected yet. Charleston 2 refuses to listen and summons a slew of Steps and Kick and Kicks to destroy the factory. When the adventurers fight off the robots, Charleston 2 becomes even angrier. Dr. Ve has had enough of Charleston 2's rampage and threatens to destroy her in order to stop her. Suddenly Charleston 2 brings up Charleston 3, and Charleston 1 reveals that it was still supposed to be tested at the Core of the factory. Dr. Ve yells at Charleston 1 for revealing too much information about Charleston 3. Charleston 2 decides to take Charleston 3 with her and runs off towards the Core.

Charleston 1 catches up to her as Charleston 2 reaches the Core and attempts to enter it, only to be stopped by a security device on the door to the Core. Charleston 2 suspects that the device was installed by Dr. Ve until Charleston 1 reveals that Normans cannot enter the Core and that the security device can only be opened by certain electric signals emitted by Charleston robots. Charleston 1 attempts to demonstrate this, only to discover that her signals aren't strong enough to disable the security device. She then asks the adventurers with them to collect Explosive Powder to amplify her signals. Charleston 2 offers to get most of the powders while the adventurers collecting the remaining amount. Once collected, Charleston 1 uses the powder to blow up the door, to the dismay of Charleston 2.

With the door to the Core opened, Charleston 2 reiterates her intent to take Charleston 3 and Charleston 1 races her to the robot. Despite having been beaten in the footrace, Charleston 2 proceeds to go into Charleston 3's cockpit and tries to destroy the factory. The adventurers intervene and a fight ensues. The adventurers are victorious, but Charleston 1 sustains heavy damage in the process. When Charleston 2 questions why Charleston 1 went through so much effort to stop her, Charleston 1 reveals that both of them ran on the exact same version of the same OS. She goes on to to explain that she named Charleston 2 Forsythia for the color of her hair and that it took Charleston 2 years to develop emotions, a feat that Charleston 1 is all too proud of. With that, Charleston 1 shuts down to begin data defragmentation to repair her OS.

Charleston 2 becomes confused and rushes back to Dr. Ve to confront him. He confirms Charleston 1's story, saying that he often saw the two of them behaving like mother and daughter. He tells Charleston 2 that if she wants to see Charleston 1 again, she should go into sleep mode. Charleston 2 refuses to trust Dr. Ve, but was left with no choice but to do as he ordered.

It is revealed that Charleston 2 has been reactivated multiple times before, and each time she comes back to life in a different machine, she becomes more intelligent, sensible, and troublesome. When Charleston 1 repairs herself, she will simply build another Charleston 2.[1]

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

I hate this factory, this world! I hate being a robot!
~ Charleston 2 after revealing she hacked the factory

Charleston 1: "Let me guess: you hate that you weren't created as a menial worker robot. Or you wanted to become a norman. And if you can't, then you want to destroy the whole world. Is that it?"

Charleston 2: "Don't mock me."

Nothing you feel, you think is your own—it's programmed into you! I'm different. What I feel is real emotion!
~ Charleston 2 arguing with Charleston 1

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