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RO Cheshire.png
Cheshire's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Adjutant
Race Norman?
First Appearance Episode 13 (Ragnarok Online)

Cheshire is Ahat's secret adjutant that only Saphas close to him know about. He seems very loyal to Ahat, obeying the man's every command.

On iRO, this character is localized as Chesire.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

When an adventurer visits Ahat's office one day, Cheshire immediately proceeds to force the adventurer to bow before the minister. Ahat tells him to ease off and Cheshire obeys, falling back to Ahat's side. When the minister tries to hypnotize the adventurer, Cheshire jumps in to help out when the adventurer starts to resist. Once the adventurer falls under Ahat's spell, Cheshire gave him/her orders to collect Frozen Pieces of Skin, Clotted Bloodstains, and Strange Magic Stones from the Dimensional Gap near El Dicastes. When the adventurer returns from the task, Cheshire takes the items and tells him/her to rest up for he/she will be collecting the items again from the gap only once a day in order to not arouse suspicion.[1]

Cheshire encounters the adventurer again at the Diel after being turned away by the Galtun guard. Before the norman could leave, he asks the adventurer to do a favor for him: deliver a package to a certain location. He would not specify where, but tells the adventurer that when he/she gets the box, he/she will know.

Cheshire then heads over to the dimensional crack in Bifrost where he meets up with the adventurer bearing the Bradium Box. The adventurer wonders why he decided to show his real self there in the Bifrost, which Cheshire explains that it helps him travel between Laphine and Sapha territories without arousing suspicion since Saphas know him as Ahat's assistant. He then asks the adventurer for the box and checks the contents before throwing the box right into the dimensional crack. He explains that the box will arrive at the same place every day, which the adventurer is to deliver to him near the Bifrost crack. With that, he compensates the adventurer with a counterfeit Sapha Certification and some money.[2]

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