Cross Impact

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Cross Impact
Usable by
Job Class Guillotine Cross
Type Offensive
Category Melee
Levels 5
Cast Time none
Cooldown none
Other Information
Requirements Sonic Blow Lv. 10

Cross Impact strikes a single target rapidly for 7 hits. Has a range of 3 cells.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Lower levels have a sizable aftercast delay (possibly global, I forget).
  • At around level 3, the after cast delay is reduced considerably.
  • 0.5 Second Aftercast delay at level 5
  • 2 Second Motion Delay
  • It is possible to chain another Cross Impact after the 0.5s aftercast delay and during the motion delay of the first (also able to chain a 3rd, but its fairly difficult).

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2019 Oct. 16)
    • The cast distance has been changed to 7 cells, and will be moved to attack the target immediately upon casting. (However, this attack is a melee physical attack.)
    • Force 7 cuts now change to 1 attack motion output.
    • Skill cooldown is slightly added.
    • Damage formula is changed.
    • Changed to apply criticality with half the caster's critical chance.
  • Patch (2011 Aug. 31)
    • Cross Impact damage is modified to increase due to influence of BaseLV.