Dandelion Organization

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Dandelion Organization
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Type Non-Profit Organization
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Base of Operations Morocc
Notable Members Dandelion Representative
First Appearance Episode 11 (Ragnarok Online)

The Dandelion Organization is a non-profit group that works to improve public welfare in Morocc. Members of the group volunteer to clean the streets, repair homes for low-income households, and operate a daycare.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One day, the children left under the care of the organization were kidnapped by a man name Raiyan Moore. The organization enlists the help of the Assassins Guild, who then sends out notices to all able-bodied adventurers that are available for aid. (Assassins are contacted via a special link since they are members of the Assassins Guild.)

Adventurers and Assassins are instructed to meet up with Assassin Crosses Kidd and Rin at a shady bar in Morocc. Kidd is assigned by Valdes to hunt down Raiyan while Rin is hired to be a bodyguard for one Mr. R.

Once Rin has partnered up with an adventurer, she meets up with Mr. R. in a nearby room who demands that she and the adventurer obtain important documents he left behind in the Juno library after being attacked by mysterious assailants. Rin and the adventurer head to the library in Juno where they meet up with Mr. R's assistant Yunia. Yunia gladly hands over the documents they needed and they were off. Soon after, Kidd and his partner arrive to find that Yunia had already given away the very documents they were looking for. Disappointed by the development, Kidd and his partner ruffle through whatever scraps Yunia could offer and discover that Raiyan Moore was researching something that lay outside the walls of Morocc. Curious about their find, Kidd and his partner return to Morocc to speak with the Dandelion Representative.

Meanwhile, Rin and her adventurer partner were requested to strengthen the elemental crests lying around Morocc. Rin remains behind to protect Mr. R. while the adventurer goes to strengthen the crests using a Great Nature, a Flame Heart, a Rough Wind, and a Mystic Frozen. Once done, the adventurer returns to Rin and Mr. R. Suspicious about Mr. R's requests, Rin had attempted to talk to the local historian, only to scare the poor man into submission due to her killer attitude. Rin asks the adventurer to question the historian in her stead as he would not be as scared to speak to a more tame adventurer.

Some time later, Kidd decides that his adventurer should investigate the areas outside of Morocc for clues. The adventurer discovers that the Wind elemental crest was unstable and reports back to Kidd with his findings. Kidd reports that the Earth elemental crest was unstable as well. He asks the adventurer to stabilize the crests while he goes to find information about them from the local historian.

Once the adventurer has stabilized all the crests, he/she returns to the bar to find the Dandelion Representative in a tense conversation with Kidd. Apparently the historian outright refused to see Kidd (after having been scared by Rin), so Kidd sends the adventurer to speak with the man. As the historian was too scared to speak with the adventurer, the adventurer decides to speak to the historian's assistant Sephit. Sephit reveals that if the elemental crests were destabilized, the seal on Surt would be weakened and the Jotunn would be able to break free.

During that time, Rin and her adventurer partner were requested by Mr. R. to investigate Thanatos Tower to find proof of Surt's existence. Rin remains behind yet again to keep an eye on Mr. R. while the adventurer heads to the tower. There the adventurer discovers a log entry that confirms Surt is real and is imprisoned under the Morocc castle. The adventurer reports the findings to Rin, who slowly starts to suspect that the Raiyan Moore that Kidd is hunting may be the Mr. R. that she is protecting. She quickly tells the adventurer to look after Mr. R. while she spoke with Valdes, the commanding officer in charge of both missions.

Rin becomes livid when she discovers that Valdes took the chance to accept both missions due to the fact they both involved the missing children of Morocc, despite his suspicions of both the Dandelion Representative and Mr. R. Soon after, the adventurer anxiously tells Rin that Mr. R. has disappeared and the both of them rush off without another word.

Blood... is the currency... of the soul...
We... need... holier blood... the ritual...
By Surt's blessings... grant me... immortality!

Around the same time, Kidd comes to the same realization as Rin and quickly hurries to his commanding officer Valdes. After hearing Kidd's side of the story, Valdes quickly concludes that both Raiyan Moore and Mr. R. are one and the same and goes to find him.

Security Magic in the Master Zone, Area 2 deactivated.
... We... need... blood... of innocence...
Grant... us... immortality... Surt...
We... need... holier... blood... the ritual...

The room that Mr. R. was supposed to be in was empty as some loud voice began booming throughout the area. Valdes hurries to recall the Assassins Guild while Kidd and his adventurer dash off to find Raiyan Moore.

The adventurer ends up within Morocc castle where a man in a cell lays dying, mumbling deliriously. Suddenly, the adventurer blacks out and awakens deep within the castle in a long maze-like corridor. As the adventurer goes through, disembodied voices begin to echo:

... Isn't the moon so beautiful tonight?
... But I wonder...
Why are there twice as many guards when the moon is full?
The moon is so red...
Yes, it's been a year...

So, you're telling me you don't know how this town got its name? Well, it's kind of a scary tale...
An evil demon invaded our world, summoning troops of his minions from the darkness. However, he was defeated and sealed beneath this castle by a legendary hero.
But the hatred of Surt has not ebbed with time. If you look at the full moon from here, it is colored red with Surt's rage...

Hmpf, it has begun.
That smoke... What exactly is going on over there every full mooon?
Well... who's to say?

Sir, our investigation has turned something up. Every 15 days, a carriage secretly transports about 20-30 children into the castle. However, they never come out...
Are you serious? What the hell could they be doing in there? Come on, let's go...

Wh-what's with all of this noise?
Sorry, M'Lord. It's nothing, but we'll take care of it as soon as possible.
Shut up, children. Silence!

This place is so hot... Where's my daddy? I don't... I don't wanna go to Thanatos...

Make sure that nothing interferes with this plan. Nothing...
I don't wanna wear these chains! G-get them off, please! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm s--

At the end of the corridor, the adventurer comes across the Dandelion Representative, who informs the adventurer that Rin and Kidd have already gone into the chamber. The adventurer arrives just in time to see Raiyan Moore attempt to sacrifice Rin for the ritual. Fortunately, Kidd pushes her out of harm's way. It is here that the Dandelion Organization shows their true colors as being under the control of Raiyan himself. When members of the Assassins Guild appear to try to capture Raiyan, the kidnapper summons demons to distract them. In the chaos, the adventurer is wounded and Kidd helps him to safety just as other members of the Assassins Guild arrive.[1]

The Dandelion Organization and Raiyan flee northwards to Schwarzwald where they'd hope to regroup and plan out their next move. Unfortunately for them, Rin was hot on their tail after what had happened in Morocc. Somehow they managed to gain the upper hand and ambush Rin when she wasn't looking. Although Rin put up a good fight, she was not able to fend all the Dandelion members off and passed out from her injuries.

The remaining members of the organization meet up with Raiyan in an abandoned church on Juno territory where they exclaim to Raiyan that they did not expect to resurrect Surt for real and that they are guilty for unleashing such horror upon the world. The exchange escalates into a heated argument, resulting in Raiyan violently killing off the Dandelion members.

It is revealed that members of the organization were rightists that believed in a distorted patriotism. They thought shedding blood was the only way to make peace. They organized Dandelion and happened to ally themselves with warmongers in the Arunafeltz government. That's how they grew so strong. At first, their purpose was limited to gathering intel and spying on other countries, but they soon became involved in the Surt situation that apparently grew out of hand.[2]

Although it was thought that Raiyan killed off members of the Dandelion Organization, it turns out at least one managed to escape the onslaught. A wanted notice was put out by Rin at the Midgard Allied Forces Post after a Dandelion member was sighted somewhere near the camp. An adventurer took up the job and hunted down the runaway Dandelion member, but it remains to be seen if the organization is completely gone for good.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Dandelion's Request quest is based heavily on Volume 2 and 3 of the Ragnarok manhwa.

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