Death Guidance

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Death Guidance
The weapon's info window.
Type Two-Handed Sword
Level 4
Effects 200 ATK
Perfect Dodge +20
Adds a 1% chance of using Hel Power Lv. 1 on the user or target when doing a physical attack.
Adds a 2% chance of using [Vampire's Gift] Lv. 1 on the target when doing a physical attack.
Weight 80
Source Tendrillion
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell 10 Zeny

It is a cursed weapon exists only for the destruction of all living beings. The curse of this sword even affects the owner in that it leads the person to misery.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Refine Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • If upgraded to +9 or higher, Lv. 2 is used for [Vampire's Gift] instead.

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