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Usable by
Job Class Crusader, Paladin
Type Active
Category Supportive
Levels 5
Cast Time none
Cooldown 1 second
Other Information
Requirements Guard Lv. 5, Shield Charge Lv. 3, Shield Boomerang Lv. 1

Defender decreases the ATK of ranged attacks against the caster by 5%+15*SkillLV% but also lowers ASPD by 25%-5*SkillLV% and walking speed by 1/3 while active. The higher the level the lower the ASPD reduction, up to Skill LV5 which has no ASPD penalty; however, the walking speed reduction applies for all levels. Can be shared with party members when Devotion is cast on them, but the movement reduction will affect them too. Caster must have a shield equipped.

On iRO, this skill is localized as Defending Aura.

Defender's activation icon.

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