Desert City Restoration Committee

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Desert City Restoration Committee
RO DesertCityRestorationCommittee.jpg
The temporary headquarters located near Morocc's west gate.
Type Committee
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Base of Operations Morocc
Notable Members Director Paek, HR Coordinator, HR Supervisors
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)

The Desert City Restoration Committee, or DCRC for short, was established some time after Surt devastated the town of Morocc. It consists of surviving residents of the town and is led by a director who oversees all restoration operations. A human resources coordinator was brought in from Prontera to distribute able-bodied workers to either the construction department or the supplies department, both of which are managed by 4 HR supervisors (construction, brick, wood, and rope). They are willing to accept workers from outside of the town to help with the restoration efforts.

The committee has succeeded in restoring much of the town and has now started focusing all of its efforts to rebuilding the Evil Fanatic's castle, as it has become a proud symbol of the town over the years despite the horror that once laid underneath it.

A leaderboard was erected to honor adventurers that have contributed 500 times to the reconstruction efforts.

Construction Department[edit | edit source]

The construction department directs its manpower to the rebuilding of the city. It relies heavily on the supplies department to deliver materials with which to build.

Supplies Department[edit | edit source]

The supplies department is focused on crafting building supplies to send to the construction department. The department consists of 3 separate teams:

  • Wood Team
  • Brick Team
  • Rope Team

Each team is responsible for both the creation of building supplies and the delivery of said supplies to the appropriate construction sites.

Subjugation Party[edit | edit source]

In addition to the restoration operations, efforts are also being made to purge the Sograt Desert of Surt's incarnations. A centurion mercenary is spearheading the subjugation of the monsters in order to bring peace back to the region.

Contribution Certificate Vending Machine[edit | edit source]

Located at the headquarters is a special vending machine that will exchange Morocc Merits for item rewards.

Item Cost
Experience (Base EXP) 1 Morocc Merit
Job Agency Recommendation (Job EXP) 1 Morocc Merit
20 White Slim Potions 10 Morocc Merits
10 Red Gemstones 20 Morocc Merits
10 Yellow Gemstones 20 Morocc Merits
Slapping Herb 20 Morocc Merits
Yggdrasil Dust 20 Morocc Merits
Snow Flip 20 Morocc Merits
Mommy Peony 20 Morocc Merits
Blue Potion 30 Morocc Merits
Great Nature 50 Morocc Merits
Rough Wind 50 Morocc Merits
Mystic Frozen 50 Morocc Merits
Flame Heart 50 Morocc Merits
Yggdrasil Seed 100 Morocc Merits

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