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RO Diwata.png
Diwata's dialogue image.
Gender Female
Race Ghost
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
Are you here to bully Diwata, too? I won't have it!
~ Diwata

Diwata is a child ghost that has taken refuge on a ferry ship in Malaya. She was apparently bullied by other ghosts and lashes out at anyone who comes near.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Diwata encounters an adventurer on the ferry ship who was surrounded by other spirits in the ship. She assumes the adventurer was there to bully her as well and becomes hostile, refusing to listen to what the norman has to say and kicks him/her out of the ship.

The adventurer returns some time later with an Offering Bouquet and offers it to Diwata. The ghost is confused at first and then realizes that the adventurer was not an enemy, but an outsider just like her. She then comes to the conclusion that outsiders that were alive were allowed into the ship but not those who are dead. She talks about how there's a stereotype that favors locals over visitors and expresses her annoyance of it. Diwata goes on to exclaim that she wishes to wipe out the locals for that, to which the adventurer tries to convince her not to. The adventurer then further explains that her presence on the ship is delaying it from its duties. Diwata becomes upset that she's being blamed for the ship stalling. She stops to think for a moment and calms down enough to tell the adventurer that it wasn't her fault that the other ghosts were bothering her. She agrees to hold her temper as long as the other ghosts don't bother her so the ship can go on its way.[1]

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