Doom Prayers

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Doom Prayers
RO DoomPrayers.jpg
Members of the Doom Prayers.
Type Cult
Affiliation God of Destruction
Base of Operations unknown
Notable Members Doom Prayers Leader, Doom Prayers Second-in-Command
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)

The Doom Prayers consist of misguided individuals that perceive destruction and doom as blessings. They worship a mysterious God of Destruction and follow him fervently, praying for the end of the world. They refer to the Flame Basin as Doomland.

Story[edit | edit source]

The Doom Prayers made their way to the Flame Basin when they discovered that the signs of the end of the world have shown themselves (the appearance of the Dimensional Gaps, Dorams, and Saphas). They think themselves invincible, challenging an adventurer to throw Stones of Blessing at them to prove themselves. When they are injured by the stones, the leader accuses the adventurer of bringing the wrong stones. He then orders the adventurer to bring Monster Blood so that he may drink it and levitate to show the power of their doom blessings. Unfortunately, upon drinking the blood, the Doom Prayers leader gets a horribly bad bout of diarrhea.

Embarrassed by the event, the Doom Prayers second-in-command accuses the adventurer of being a heretic and gives him/her another chance by ordering the collection of Flame Golem teeth and Flame Frilldora napes. After receiving the teeth and frills, the Doom Prayers are assaulted by fire attacks. This causes them to rethink their beliefs and many decide to leave the group entirely while others believe that they are injured because they didn't believe enough or pay enough money towards the cause.

It is revealed that the Doom Prayers leader has been taking membership fees for himself and was actually glad that the adventurer instigated the weird firestorm as the members were starting to doubt his leadership. He hopes the adventurer will join them again at another gathering to scare faith into the members again.[1]

After their failures in the Flame Basin, the Doom Prayers found themselves in the ruins of Verus City. There they became such a nuisance to the explorers and excavators that a police task force was formed to keep these believers of ruined grace in check.[2]

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