Doug Rebeireb

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Doug Rebeireb
RO DougRebeireb.png
Doug's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Crusader
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 5 (Ragnarok Online)
No matter how much I explain, the ignorant never fully understand the importance of our task.
~ Doug Rebeireb

Doug Rebeireb is a high-rank Crusader who is in charge of researching godly artifacts under royal edict. He has a very haughty attitude and looks down upon those he deems unholy.

On iRO, this character is localized as Rebarev Doug.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Doug was formerly the captain of the 1st Squad in the 3rd Platoon of the Crusader 3rd Company. The 3rd Platoon is considered the elite force in the 3rd Company and so Doug carried a lot of authority with him. The 1st Squad was famous as the most skilled search party within the Crusaders.

One day, the 1st Squad was tasked with finding godly artifacts and discovered Megingjord after just three days of searching. However, instead of turning the artifact in to his superiors like he was supposed to, Doug instead decided to keep the belt for himself, stating that he's the only one worthy of the artifact. The rest of the squad did not agree and one of them, Egnigem, stood up to Doug. A fight ensued and Doug decides to destroy the belt. He later kills Egnigem via a trap.

When the 1st Squad returned to headquarters, Doug accused the squad of being tempted by Megingjord's power and that their insubordination resulted in the destruction of the belt. He presents one piece of the belt to his superiors as proof, while secretly keeping the rest of the belt's fragments for himself. Egnigem was discharged from the squad entirely while the rest of the members were forced to serve three months of disciplinary retraining. During that time, Doug used his influence to brainwash the squad to forget all about Egnigem; he also had Egnigem's name erased from all records in order to prevent his name from undoing the brainwashing. However, a scapegoat was needed since Egnigem couldn't be blamed for the squad's so-called mutiny, so one of the squad members Royal Mist was chosen. After the 1st Squad was effectively disbanded, the remaining six members of the squad either retired from the Crusaders or were reassigned.

Some time later, Doug comes across an adventurer in the Prontera castle and laments that he prefers to train Crusaders rather than be a researcher of godly artifacts. He requests the adventurer to seek out the members of the 1st Squad he used to command and ask them how they're doing. The adventurer then leaves the castle.

The adventurer eventually returns and confronts Doug with the truth of what really happened on the 1st Squad's last mission. Doug scoffs at the adventurer, saying that he/she has no chance of indicting him as he's one of the most influential people in the upper echelons of the Crusaders guild. He even dares the adventurer to approach Judge Max Von Shedough in the next room with his/her information.

It is unknown what becomes of Doug, but it is assumed he was successfully indicted after 100 adventurers reported to the judge about him.[1]

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