Dragon Breath

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For the garment item, see Dragon Breath (gear).
Dragon Breath
Usable by
Job Class Rune Knight
Type Active
Category Command
Levels 10
Cast Time none
Cooldown 2 seconds
Other Information
Requirements Dragon Training Lv. 2

Dragon Breath makes the dragon spurt out fire, has a chance of burning your enemy. The power is determined by the caster's current HP and Max SP, and the skill has a 15% chance of inflicting the Burning status.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Not reduced by demi-human reduction gears, long range reduction or elemental reduction gears (Jakk card, Asprika, Glorious Ring, etc).
  • Damage formula:

    {[(Caster’s HP / 50) + (Caster’s MSP / 4)] x (Dragon Breath Skill Level x Caster’s Base Level / 150)} x Dragon Training bonus damage

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