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Dyes in Ragnarok Online II refer to a selection of colors that can only be used to change the color of gear. Unlike RO's dye system, there is a much larger selection of colors to choose from but there is a random chance of actually getting the color you want.

There is currently no option to change hair color aside from the character creation screen.

Dyeing Gear[edit | edit source]

The old dye window in RO2.

To begin your dye "quest" you must first obtain Chance Coupons, which come with items purchased from the Kafra Shop. Once you get some, head over to Myunil in Prontera to purchase a Dye item.

After you buy a Dye item:

  1. Right-click the Dye item to open up the Dye window.
  2. Select the gear item you want dyed.
  3. Pick a spot on the color screen which contains the color you want.
  4. The circle in the Color Candidate box will then fill with colors that the system will randomly pick from to dye the item. The more space a color takes up in the circle, the higher the chance of being selected by the system.
The new dye window in RO2.

Previously, players were only able to dye one section of their outfits, but a later update eventually makes it possible for up to three sections of their outfits to be dyed. Only one section can be dyed at a time, so those wanting to completely customize the coloring of their outfits will have to pay for 3 dye processes.[1]

Choosing Your Dye[edit | edit source]

There are 3 grades of dyes to choose from. Each grade carries a certain percentage of getting the exact color you want.[2]

Low Quality Dye
30-40% chance of getting what you want
RO2 Dye(LQ)1.png RO2 Dye(LQ)2.png RO2 Dye(LQ)3.png
Mid-Quality Dye
50-60% chance of getting what you want
RO2 Dye(Normal)1.png RO2 Dye(Normal)2.png RO2 Dye(Normal)3.png
Premium Dye
High chance of getting what you want
RO2 Dye(Premium)1.png RO2 Dye(Premium)2.png RO2 Dye(Premium)3.png

Dye Boxes[edit | edit source]

Cheny's Secret Shop in Prontera's southwest corner sells dye boxes, which randomly gives one designated dye.

Cheny's Snowflake Box (this box also gives random costumes and other items so the chance of getting a dye item from it is substantially low)

Cheny Lucky Dye Box

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