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Ellyja's dialogue image.
Gender Female
Race Norman
Family Kiel Hyre (foster grandfather)
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Ellyja, also known at school as Elly, is a student from Kiel Hyre Academy. She is the adopted granddaughter of Kiel Hyre and has met Kiel Jr. once at an academy event. She looks up to Ms. Ellisia, Kiel's secretary, and aspires to be a great career woman like her.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ellyja was busy trying to bake cookies for Mrs. Lecollane's cooking class at the Kiel Hyre Academy when an adventurer came in delivering Culinary Wine from the Juno pub. In her clumsiness, Ellyja accidentally drops all the ingredients she needs to make Well-Baked Cookies for her assignment. She receives some angry chastisement from Mrs. Lecollane, who warns that she will fail the class if she doesn't finish her assignment by that very day. Hearing this, the adventurer goes over to Ellyja and asks if she needed help. Ellyja bemoans that she needs more ingredients as she had spoiled everything she needed to bake her cookies. The adventurer offers his/her helping hand and leaves the classroom.

The adventurer returns with all the ingredients, making Ellyja very elated. She asks the adventurer to give her a moment while she makes the cookies. After she was done, she shares a few with the adventurer as thanks and finally introduces herself. Since this was the first time she baked cookies without burning them, Ellyja wishes to let her grandfather have a taste of them. However, she is unable to leave the academy right then and there since she still had class. She then asks another favor of the adventurer and requests for the cookies to be delivered to her grandfather. The adventurer agrees and disappears.

Some time passes before Ellyja meets the adventurer again, this time with news that her grandfather was not at his villa. Ellyja is surprised to hear this as her grandfather didn't say anything about a business trip so she thought he'd be home all day. She then gives the adventurer a Spare Villa Key to check in on things at the villa.

The adventurer comes back with a Letter to Elly and gives it to the addressee. After reading the letter, Ellyja cries out that it's been 10 days since the letter was written and becomes confused on what to do. The adventurer asks her about Kiel Hyre and Kiel Jr., to which Ellyja explains that she is the adopted granddaughter of Kiel and met Kiel Jr. only once at an academy event. When asked about what's going on in the academy, Ellyja says that a ghost currently haunts the academy and curses students so that they end up being cold and stiff. She fears the ghost and implores the adventurer that if she ever gets cursed, the adventurer should yell "wake up, Elly!"

With that said, Ellyja becomes frantic about finishing her homework on time and says that she needs to go see Mrs. Lecollane about it. She asks the adventurer to revisit her grandfather's cottage once again and seek out the item that the letter mentions since the adventurer is the only person she can trust at this point. Since Ellyja won't be at the academy when the adventurer returns, she tells him/her to meet her at the dorms located behind the academy.

While the adventurer was gone, Ellyja discovers that a man wearing black was the one going around making students cold and lifeless by casting a spell on them. In fear, Ellyja runs to her dorm room and locks the door in hopes that she won't be cursed as well. She then opens her window for the adventurer to return to her like she instructed. Unfortunately, Ellyja ends up being "cursed" anyways and never learns that she was never really a Norman at all but a humanoid robot, a prototype of Kiel's Third Generation of robots.[1]

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • When the adventurer learns about the ghost haunting the academy:

"But I'll be okay! You'll be there to rescue me from danger, right, <name>?"

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