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Emergency Call

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Emergency Call
Usable by
Job Class Guilds
Type Active
Category Supportive
Levels 1
Cast Time 5 seconds
Cooldown 1 second
Other Information
Requirements Guardian Research Lv. 1, Regeneration Lv. 1

Emergency Call allows all guild members to be teleported next to the Guildmaster. Once used, the caster must wait 5 minutes before using this skill again.

On iRO, this skill is localized as Urgent Call.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If a guildmember is on a loading screen when the skill is cast, they will not be brought to the guildleader.
  • Guildmembers who are dead (ex. If a party of guildmembers is dead in a dungeon for some reason) will also not be brought to the guildleader.
  • The delay associated with this skill is the same delay that is associated with the skills Restore, Regeneration, and Battle Orders. If a guildleader preforms one of these, they cannot preform Emergency Call until the 5 minute delay has enlapsed, and vice versa.
  • If the guildleader is a Taekwon or Star Gladiator class, once they put skill points into Leap, that leader's recall cast time is doubled (from 5 to 10 seconds).

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