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To emote is to display emotions openly, especially while acting. In the digital world, an emote is an entry in a text-based chat client that indicates an action taking place. Emoticons are not text art and instead describe the action using words or images.

Ragnarok Online[edit | edit source]

Due to the sprite-based nature of player characters, players in Ragnarok Online can only emote via in-game emoticons. The default hotkeys to access the emote menu is Alt + L. Players can also access the menu with the /emotion command.

Available Emoticons[edit | edit source]

Command Image
Ctrl + =
File:Emote bawi.png
Ctrl + \
File:Emote bo.png
Ctrl + -
File:Emote gawi.png
/! Emote exc.gif
/? Emote que.gif
/ho Emote ho.gif
/lv Emote love.gif
/lv2 Emote love2.gif
/swt Emote swt.gif
/ic Emote lit.gif
/an Emote an.gif
/ag Emote ag.gif
/$ Emote money.gif
/... Emote silence.gif
/thx Emote thx.gif
/wah Emote wah.gif
/sry Emote sry.gif
/heh Emote heh.gif
/swt2 Emote swt2.gif
/hmm Emote hmm.gif
/no1 Emote no1.gif
/ok Emote ok.gif
/omg Emote omg.gif
/oh Emote ohh.gif
/x Emote ecks.gif
/hlp Emote help.gif
/go Emote go.gif
/sob Emote sob.gif
/gg Emote gg.gif
/kis Emote kis.gif
/kis2 Emote kis2.gif
/pif Emote pif.gif
/?? Emote que2.gif
Emote bzz.gif
Emote rice.gif
Emote awsm.gif
Emote meh.gif
Emote shy.gif
Emote pat.gif
Emote mp.gif
Emote slur.gif
Emote come.gif
Emote yawn.gif
Emote grat.gif
Emote hp.gif
Emote fsh.gif
Emote spin.gif
Emote sigh.gif
Emote dum.gif
Emote crwd.gif
Emote desp.gif
Emote dice.gif
/e20 Emote e20.gif
Emote hum.gif
Emote abs.gif
Emote oops.gif
Emote spit.gif
Emote ene.gif
Emote panic.gif
Emote whisp.gif

Ragnarok Online II[edit | edit source]

Because player characters are in full 3D, players in Ragnarok Online II can actually emote using in-game animations. The default hotkey to access the emote window is K. Players can then drag emotes into their hotkey bars for quicker access to certain emotes.

Available Emotes[edit | edit source]

Command Action
/nose1 Touches your nose with one finger.
/finger Moves your index finger.
/actup Character acts up.
/amazed Displays amazement.
/angry Displays anger.
/clap Character claps.
/arms Crosses arms.
/best Displays approval.
/best2 Displays double approval.
/best3 Displays cutesy approval.
/bye Waves goodbye.
/chaos Character is unstable.
/charge Charge stance.
/come Come gesture.
/cry Displays crying.
/dejected Displays dejection.
/scissor Scissor gesture for rock-paper-scissors.
/rock Rock gesture for rock-paper-scissors.
/paper Paper gesture for rock-paper-scissors.
/getout Shoos away.
/greet Greeting gesture.
/shoulder Tired dislay
/hello Proper hello gesture.
/byebye Proper farewell gesture.
/salute Salute pose.
/noblegreeting Bowing pose.
/happy Display of happiness.
/absurd Display of exasperation.
/joy Joyful expression.
/kiss Blowing kiss.
/kiskis Facial kiss.
/laugh Boastful laughter.
/funny Giggle laughter.
/martialarts Hadouken pose.
/martialarts2 Shoryuken pose.
/nope Disapproval gesture.
/dislike Displays disgust.
/ok Approval gesture.
/otl Display of frustration.
/amen Prayer pose.
/preyer Advanced prayer pose.
/provoke Taunting gesture.
/provoke2 Taunting gesture.
/provoke3 Taunting gesture.
/please Slight begging.
/beg Full begging.
/request Sad begging.
/respect Kneeling.
/deepbow Kneeling bow.
/scary Fearful display
/shame Shameful display
/scratch Scratches chin with one finger.
/shy Shy gesture.
/sorrow Display of sadness.
/sorry Display of apology.
/sparring Fighting pose.
/talk Chattering gesture.
/there Pointing gesture.
/think Thinking pose.
/thanks Show of thanks.
/toast Drink toasting pose.
/tricky Plotting post.
/wicked Zombie pose.
/victory Victory jump.
/dance unused command
/dance2 Character dances (different for each job class).
1st Class Dances in RO2.

Available Emoticons[edit | edit source]

To retain the feel of RO, RO2's developers implemented modernized versions of the emote bubbles from the prequel.

Command Image

Patches[edit | edit source]

Ragnarok Online

  • Patch (2007 Nov. 28)
    • 7 emoticons will be added. /hum /abs /oops /spit /ene /panic /whisp
  • Patch (2007 Apr. 24)
    • The Russian flag is added. CTRL + 8, CTRL + 9.
  • Patch (2006 Aug. 16)
    • Indian flag emoticon added with Ctrl + 7.
  • RO-minilogo.png Episode 10.2 (2005 Jun. 28)
    • New emoticons added: /flashing, /circling, /ha, /dumb, /lull, /frustration, /dice, (also available as / e13 ~ / e19).
  • Patch (2004 Nov. 16)
    • Several national emoticons have been added. (Available with Ctrl + 1 ~ Ctrl + 6)
  • Patch (2004 Feb. 03)
    • The following emoticons have been added: /crush /e1 /rice /e2 /cool /e3 /p /e4 /shame /e5 /polite /e6 /mp /e7 /quality /e8 /comeon /e9 /yawn /e10 /celebration /e11 /hp /e12

Ragnarok Online II