Ernst Gaebolg

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Ernst Gaebolg
Ernst as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Prince
Race Norman
Friends Isenhardt Walter
First Appearance Episode 12 (Ragnarok Online)

Ernst Gaebolg is one of the seven prince candidates for the Rune-Midgarts throne. He is a polite young man who thinks highly of his brethren prince Ahrum. Within the Gaebolg family, he is the fourth prince.[1]

It is unknown how he is related to Tristan Gaebolg III.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ernst greets the appraiser kindly and answers the adventurer's questions very sincerely, gaining good points from the appraiser.

He later meets up with his friend Ahrum, who makes him promise that should one of them become corrupted, the other should kill him. Ernst is embarrassed to agree to the promise while the appraiser was present, but Ahrum merely adds that the appraiser is the official witness of their promise. Ernst never verbally agrees to the promise, as in his heart he can never bring himself to kill Ahrum.

Some time afterwards, Ernst finds Ahrum going into the rooms of the other five princes to hurl insults at them. He can't seem to understand why Ahrum was behaving so badly and goes to confront him in Ahrum's room. It is there that Ahrum reminds him of their promise and throws him a dagger.

Shocked, Ernst pleads Ahrum to cease his unusual behavior. When Ahrum realizes Ernst won't take the dagger, he uses it to stab himself. Ernst grabs hold of Ahrum as the prince slumps to the ground from the fatal wound. With his dying breath, Ahrum tells Ernst that he was the most qualified candidate for the throne. After telling the nearby appraiser to not let the truth of his actions be known, Ahrum then dies in Ernst's arms.[2]

Ernst later appears at the Ritual of Blessing with Catherine to represent the Gaebolgs. The ritual begins with Kronecker leading everyone to chant their blessings upon the chosen candidate Peter Heine.

On behalf of the seven royal families supporting Rune-Midgarts
Here is the new appointed representative
May the blessing starlight reach the glory of the earth
Please allow the power from the source to be granted for all beings
The courage to charge forward and strike the enemy
The heart to embrace everything in this world
The strong will to protect everything within reach
The intact pride of justice and faith that never bends no matter what
The virtue of looking up to others with a humble mind
And the wisdom to see the truth

Before the ritual could complete, an intruder appears and strikes down Peter. The intruder elaborates that he heard that a piece Ymir's Heart was hidden in the Room of Consciousness, but it turned out to be a fake. The adventurer and the royal families attempt to approach the intruder, but the intruder threatens that if they take another step he will destroy the fake Heart of Ymir. Kronecker is surprised that the Heart of Ymir is fake, which causes the intruder to realize that none of the royal families know where the real one is hidden if they were ignorantly carrying out the ritual with a fake. The intruder is frustrated that he wasted his time with a fake and decides to leave without causing more of a scene. However, he quickly backtracks on his word and destroys the fake Heart of Ymir. The royal families are then accosted by more intruders, but they are able to fend them off with the help of the adventurer. The intruders disappear and the royal families evacuate the ritual hall.[3]

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