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ZeroTigress [Lorekeeper] 09:18, 3 June 2019 (UTC)
With the impending redirect of the original Wikia branch of the Ragnarok Wiki, Gamepedia staff have approached me about whether or not to salvage the existing Japanese, Portuguese, German, and Spanish versions of the wiki on Fandom. I've expressed my interest in salvaging those versions, all of which have had no activity since the last time I poked around on them several years ago. So now all existing language versions of the wiki have been transferred over to Gamepedia and placed under my adminship.
Ragnarok Wiki (Japanese)
Ragnarok Wiki (Portuguese)
Ragnarok Wiki (Spanish)
Ragnarok Wiki (German)

I've standardized the design of each wiki's homepage to match the English Ragnarok Wiki. However, not every version of the wiki followed the English wiki's policy of no private server and RMT advertisement. As far as I could see, only the Portuguese version of the Ragnarok Wiki contains private server information, so I'm going to need some people fluent in Portuguese to help me in weeding that information out.

I've integrated the Discord into all versions, so the DPL Forums extension is unavailable on them aside from the English wiki. However, if a community would like to have their own forums, I can look into getting DPL Forums enabled on their wiki and set it up like how we have it here on the English wiki. In addition, images on the English Ragnarok Wiki can be utilized on the other language versions, so no need to reupload images to each wiki. Just be sure to copy the filenames exactly in order to use them on the other language versions.

Please note that the homepages are not set in stone. If the translations aren't accurate, please let me know and I can make the changes necessary. Keep in mind that the Ragnarok Wiki is dedicated to translating the original languages of the games. We don't care for localizations here, that's for alternative wikis like iRO Wiki and bRO Wiki to work with. We're not here to compete with other wikis, we want to complement existing wikis with information they don't focus on.

Resident Lorekeeper of Ragnarök