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ZeroTigress [Lorekeeper] 23:48, 27 November 2016 (UTC)
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For more than a year, the iRO playerbase was shocked and appalled to discover that many updates dating as far back as 2010 had yet to be implemented on the server.

List of Missing Updates on iRO

When confronted, the iRO CMs were confused as to why the server has been left so far behind in updates. Even more shocking was the discovery that other official servers were even worse off than iRO, evidence of GRAVITY's long-time neglect of the game in other regions of the world.

According to GRAVITY's contract with RO publishers (including iRO, even though it's managed under their overseas branch Gravity Interactive), official RO servers were meant to be at least 6 months behind the developers' server (kRO). But 4 YEARS is a bit much for official servers to be behind in updates, is it not?

It would seem that GRAVITY has been greatly disorganized about which official server has which updates, which led to the official servers being so badly outdated. And in doing so, they have lost potential customers to private servers that are much more updated than the official servers. So isn't it time to drop the whole 6-months-behind deal and update all the official servers ASAP? That is, if they care to keep any semblance of professionalism when it comes to maintaining the quality of RO in other regions.

After several months of trying to break the severity of the situation to GRAVITY, iRO is getting more and more updates from GRAVITY, but there's plenty more updates that the server (and possibly the other official servers) have yet to get. It seems GRAVITY would rather prioritize level cap increases over content that players NEED to get to the new level caps. So although some progress is being made, it's not good progress.

One step forward, two steps back.

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