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ZeroTigress [Lorekeeper] 01:36, 2014 July 11‎ (UTC)
Okay, I think I've narrowed down the problem with the booking system.

In RO2, the booking system lets you select what you're recruiting for (Party, Quest, Raid), the place that the party will level in, the number of players you're looking for, and a comment.

However, RO's booking system does none of that. Instead it asks you to list what levels you're recruiting, what area you'll be partying in, and what job class/role you're trying to recruit.

I can understand limiting levels since the party system only lets you share EXP when you're in a certain range and people would like to know where they're going to be partying. But take out the whole job class selection part since the role selection fulfills that just fine (you'd think people would know whether their character is DPS, tank, or support). And why is it Attack, Defense, Support, and Assist? What is Assist supposed to mean, off-tank? O_o MMO players are much more familiar with DPS and Tank than Attack and Defense.

In addition, the comment box would be REALLY useful in RO, especially since it would allow people to recruit for TIs. Players could select the TI map for the map location and then put in the comment box "low TI," "mid TI," or "high TI." Just remove the job class selection stuff (leave the role selections) and add a comment box. That would increase the practicality of RO's party booking system.

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