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Fountain of a Thousand Snakes

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Fountain of a Thousand Snakes
Level 40
RO2 FountainOfAThousandSnakes.jpg
Does a chamber open if you speak to it in Parseltongue?
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Location South of Fountain Town

The Fountain of a Thousand Snakes is a mysterious fountain that is home to a lot of snakes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Back in pre-Renewal Ragnarok Online, Sograt Desert Map 13 used to be a sort of "snake zone" that laid west of Payon and Alberta. It was home to a population of Boas, Anacondaqs, and Sidewinders with some other monsters sprinkled in. The Fountain of a Thousand Snakes lies in generally the same area as the snake zone in RO. However, Renewal saw the removal of all snakes on the map for RO, which makes this an interesting callback to pre-Renewal RO.