Friend's Diary

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Friend's Diary
The book's info window.
Type Quest Item
Effects none
Weight 0
Source Friendship Quest
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell 10 Zeny

An old diary in which many petty, personal secrets have been written. It is Benkaistein's 6th diary.

Book Contents[edit | edit source]

Today, me, Digotz, and Maku played this crazy flying game. Basically, we make these wings out of wood and paper, jump off these hills, and try to fly. Dumb, I know. Today it was my turn to jump and flap my arms with these fake, badly made wings. It's not really a fun game when I think about it. Boy, I hope we don't do that again.

Maku, Digotz, and me went outside of town. Of course, we didn't tell anyone or else we'd get in trouble. It was a really exciting day. But then, we ran into a monster! I wanted to run away but Maku and Digotz wanted to beat it so that we could become heroes. Of course, we got hurt pretty bad and the monster got away. Boy, mom was not happy...

Digotz's been sick for three days now. It's just a normal cold and Maku keeps saying it's Digotz's fault he got sick. But he's always asking me to go visit him to see if he's okay.

Mom and dad keep telling me not to hang out with Maku anymore. Their reason is really dumb and I don't care if he's poor. He's one of the best guys that I'll ever know. Digotz's family is really rich and they don't want him to see Maku anymore either. But Digotz doesn't care. I know he likes Maku a lot.

Today, the three of us made an oath of brotherhood, just like we read in the comic book. We swore we'd always be friends no matter what. For always and for always.

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2006 Feb. 07)
    • Some items related to Lighthalzen quests are now zeroed and nontransferable. (Old Pendant, File Folder, Sealed File Folder, Shinokas Case File, Heart of Ymir File, Membership Card, Archive Permit, Friend's Diary)