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RO Gelka.png
Gelka's dialogue image.
Gender Female
Job Class Sura
Race Norman
Friends Roel
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
We need adventurers that are willing to help. Will you help us?
~ Gelka

Gelka is a Sura aiding her master Roter at the Paradise Group headquarters. She has an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude.

On iRO, this character is localized as Gelkah.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Gelka is seen shouting for available adventurers within one of the rooms in the Paradise Group headquarters. An adventurer approaches her with interest in her requests and she accepts on the condition that the adventurer collects Brigans as a test of worthiness.

The adventurer returns with Brigans in hand and so Gelka refers him/her to her master, who quickly shoos the adventurer away with indignant acceptance. Gelka then proceeds to assign the adventurer various tasks.[1]

Eventually, members of White Wings track down Newoz to a space in the Dimensional Gap. Roter seemed relieved to finally find the Minstrel while Mingmin could think nothing more but to feed Newoz a basket full of poisonous mushrooms for costing the guild so much time and money to find him. Newoz promises to explain himself and remarks that he can't eat mushrooms at all. Aigu mentions that Newoz can't eat anything but meat, but she's glad he's safe regardless. Gelka greets Newoz enthusiastically, saying that her master told her many great things about him. Feeling embarrassed, Roter tells her to stop and says that Newoz is nothing more than an idiot with no sense of direction. Arang notes that Newoz's eyes look puffier than usual, suggesting that he hasn't been getting much sleep. Newoz greets her back and asks her about Ari until he is interrupted by Roter telling him how they've recruited new guildmembers to find him and that he has been gone for a very long time. Runane quickly introduces herself and expresses how honored she is to finally meet the famous Newoz in person. Roel chimes in his own greeting and mentions that he joined the guild along with Runane.

After all the introductions and reunion remarks were done with, Roter boastfully asserts that according to the guild's policy, he is now the guildleader and Newoz has been demoted to mere member status. Without missing a beat, Newoz happily congratulates Roter on his promotion, which disappoints Roter as he wanted to upset the minstrel. Just then, a voice chimes in saying that Newoz wouldn't be fazed by such a thing as all he's interested in are adventure, monsters, and treasure. Newoz wonders if the voice is a ghost and then greets Melody-Jack properly. While still in Hiding status, Melody-Jack warns that he senses something coming from the ground where Newoz was standing. Arang jokingly asks if that's why Melody-Jack is hiding like a coward, to which the Shadow Chaser responds that it is natural for veteran thieves like him to hide themselves in potential enemy territory. Mingmin agrees with Melody-Jack and says that the area simply screams that it's unnatural. Bragi suggests that perhaps the place was supernatural. Noticing the Bard, Newoz asks if his name was Bragi and that he'd love to work with him sometime.

Just then, Runane asserts that she joined the guild in order to meet Newoz and asks the Minstrel if he has a girlfriend. Aigu quickly yells out that she has dibs on him first, to which Runane counters if Newoz knows that. Aigu sheepishly admits she never confessed to him and Runane declares that the Minstrel is fair game. Gelka begins to feel uncomfortable about the conversation as Arang expresses that she wants in on the fight over Newoz's affection as well. Suddenly, Mingmin notes that something is in the distance and Runane quickly volunteers to go check it out. Aigu runs after her to Bragi's chagrin. Roter exclaims that Newoz is a magnet for crazy and Gelka says she understands why the Minstrel bothers him so. Mingmin chimes in saying that Roter is always irritable and Arang agrees, saying that he's violent and dirty. Roter tells them to shut up and Newoz decides to bring up a memory, referring to Roter as "Rot." Surprised by the nickname, Gelka asks the Archbishop if they're actually friends. Roter becomes fed up and begins to stomp off. Mingmin advises him that the Dimensional Gap that they came through has disappeared and that it would be best to follow after Aigu. This makes Roter even more upset, accusing the Geneticist of pretending to care about him and that he can take care of himself.

Gelka and Roter later come across the new recruit. The Sura declares that she detects electromagnetic waves up ahead and suggests that there's at least Grade E monsters afoot. Roter wonders what she has been reading and Gelka begins to talk about her interest in science fiction. Roter stops her before she could jabber on more and tells her to practice their special skills. Together they performed their Ultra Special Skill No. 8: Wild Dance, a flashy show of several different skills combined. Once they were done, Roter expresses that it was poor and tells Gelka that she shouldn't let guild business distract her from training.

Later, some members of the guild encounter Roter, Gelka, Arang, and Runane being accosted by monsters. Newoz is worried for Arang and Shaloshi, but the Taekwon girl assures him that they're fine. Newoz mentions that his instincts told him to slow down due to danger ahead and Gelka mistakens it for the instincts of a great adventurer. Arang asserts that Newoz's instincts have gotten rusty and Roter adds that the Minstrel is just being lazy. Shaloshi points out her instincts tell her that Newoz is not strong and that he thinks everyone except Roter is mediocre. Mingmin concludes that Shaloshi's instincts are actually an ability to hear thoughts. Runane becomes upset and orders everyone to stop being disrespectful to Newoz. Roel intervenes and says that comrades should not be fighting each other. Runane scoffs at the statement, saying that they're all just a bunch of strangers trying to save a lost girl. Roel's heart is aflutter hearing Runane be angry.

The rest of the guild manage to find each other some time later. Newoz notices that the atmosphere of the area has changed. Mingmin and Roter point out the air smelling different and it seems as though they're underwater but they're not. Melody-Jack emphasizes that the guild has been circling around the same place since they arrived. Mingmin equates the drastic environmental changes being rather similar to the mood swings of a bipolar person. Melody-Jack adds that as the environment changed, the foreign energy he's been sensing has been growing stronger. As the group talks about what they'll do if a monster appears before them, Arang notices that Shaloshi isn't with them. Newoz suggests they find her and the group goes deeper into the area.

Gelka later encounters the new recruit while training with Roel, the Sura narrating their adventure as it unfolds. Roel admires Gelka's strength and hopes that he can be trained by Roter as well.

After a long time of running around the ever-changing space, the guild was finally together again with the addition of Shaloshi. Melody-Jack notes that the area is falling apart around them and Shaloshi explains that the Ferres are angry. Mingmin is astonished that the girl can also hear the thoughts of monsters and Shaloshi asserts that they're her friends. Runane argues that friends wouldn't attack each other and Shaloshi goes on to explain that the Ferres are attacking the guild because they're trying to protect Shaloshi from Roter's thoughts. With that, they teleport her away. Roter suggests they find a way out before the place collapses on them, but Newoz insists that they find Shaloshi. When the rest of the guild protests against it, Newoz decides to go look for her on his own. He reminds them that he's not their guildleader anymore and that they don't have to follow him if they don't want to. Aigu quickly goes with Newoz while the rest of the guild look to Roter for guidance. After some time, Roter decides that the guild will find both Newoz and Shaloshi. He commands the guild to split into two groups to optimize their search.

After Newoz and the new recruit manage to exhaust a transformed Ferre, Roter and the others catch up to them. Melody-Jack asserts that they need to get rid of Ferre quickly as the ground was shaking violently. Shaloshi opposes vehemently, revealing that Ferre created this space in the Dimensional Gap for her. If Ferre were to be destroyed or loses its mind, then the space will disappear along with everything inside. Mingmin points out that Shaloshi would be fine though, which causes the girl to fall silent in response. Hearing this, Roter declares that he has plenty of time before the space collapses to get rid of Shaloshi if that's the case. Shaloshi suggests that if she takes Ferre with her to a different space in the Dimensional Gap, then exits will appear due to the rift loosening up. However, Melody-Jack remarks that Shaloshi is too dangerous to let go as she is smart and capable of teleportation. Saddened by the turn of events, Shaloshi admits that she shouldn't have led the guild into that space, but she really wanted some friends. Newoz assures her that she now has friends with the White Wings guild.

Upon hearing this, Shaloshi thanks Newoz and admits that she has been leading them on. She reintroduces herself as a demon mind-reader and the third agent of Surt. Although she is free from Surt's control, it doesn't change the fact that she's a demon. She tells them that she enjoyed their company and wonders if they'll be enemies the next time they meet. Newoz assures her that she is a member of his White Wings guild. Roter protests the declaration and refuses to accept a demon into the guild. Despite that, Shaloshi thanks Newoz for the invitation and asks to invite him over if she finds an interesting place. She explains that she has the ability to take people with her anywhere she goes and asserts that they wouldn't have followed her as far as they have unless she wanted it. Runane opposes Shaloshi taking away Newoz, but Shaloshi reveals that the High Priestess would like to come along as well.

With that, Shaloshi bades the guild farewell and disappears into the Dimensional Gap with Ferre. The guild regroups and Newoz is ecstatic to have adventured with his old friends again after so long. He hopes that they can adventure together again soon. Roter asserts that the guild was no longer called White Wings and quickly renames it Super Critical as the new guildleader. Aigu thinks the new name sounds lame and Runane agrees that it's dorky. Mingmin exclaims that Roter can keep the name as she's decided to leave the guild. Melody-Jack affirms that although he's not a guildmember, he thinks the new name is undesirable as well. Bragi is uncomfortable being in a guild with that name and asks Aigu if she's willing to stick around under that name. Aigu responds that she doesn't care what the guild's name is as long as she can be with Newoz. Runane is hesitant to stay with the guild if its name is going to be Super Critical instead of White Wings. Roter silences the protest and concludes the adventure of his Super Critical guild.[2]

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