Great Echo

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Great Echo
Usable by
Job Class Minstrel, Wanderer
Type Offensive
Category Area of Effect
Levels 5
Cast Time 0.5 (fixed) + 1.8 + (0.2 * Skill Level) (var) seconds
Cooldown 10 Seconds
Other Information
Requirements Metallic Sound Lv. 1

Great Echo sings loudly to generate a sound wave that damages all nearby enemies at the cost of SP for each performer. The number of Minstrels/Wanderers in the party will increase the damage dealt, as well as reduce the SP consumed for each of them. Base Level affects damage as well.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Requires the caster and at least one other Minstrel/Wanderer in the party.
  • Damage is considered ranged damage and is blocked by Pneuma.
  • Damage is increased by the casters baseLvL/100.
  • If there are more than 2 Wanderers or Minstrels in the party, there is an additional 100% bonus damage.
  • This bonus damage is increased by 2 times for every other Minstrel/Wanderer in party. For example, 3 Performers = 100%, 4 = 200%, 5 = 400%, 6 = 800% etc.
  • Damage increase is capped at 7 Performers or 1400% + 1600% = 3000%.
  • There is no weapon requirement for this skill, unlike other Chorus Skills.
  • Area of effect is centered at the target cell the caster chooses.

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2019 Dec. 04)
    • Throat Lozenge cost changed from 10 to 2.
    • It can be used solo and, if solo, it will be changed to 1/2 of the original damage.
    • Changes to double damage if the party's playing sequence is within 9 cells. (Partner consumes 50% SP of skill.)
  • Patch (2019 Apr. 17)
    • Depending on the number of Minstrels and Wanderers in the party, the damage that was increasing is removed, and the physical damage is increased.
    • Depending on the Lesson level learned by the caster, the damage will be increased further.
    • Consumes 10 Throat Lozenges.