Greatest General

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Greatest General
Class Normal
Level 55
Size Medium
Type Formless
Element Fire
Natural Habitat Payon Forest, Payon Cave

Greatest General is the guardian of a village that has been beyond people's interest. Sad of being neglected, he becomes furious and attacks passerbys.[1] Once a great patron god protecting a village, but it has been forgotten by the people. Its sadness became anger and started to attack people as it stays in one spot.[2]

(The original iRO description notes that the village is in ancient Korea, which doesn't make sense in the lore of Ragnarok itself considering there is no Korea in the world of Ragnarok, plus the only village these monsters are found near is Payon.)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Greatest Generals are based upon the Korean jangseung. Players can encounter actual (static) jangseungs in Ragnarok Online as groups of them can be found near warp portals prior to entering Payon.[3]

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