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The Guild Warehouse is a separate storage system catered to Guilds. Unlike the personal Kafra Storage, the Guild Warehouse is shared amongst members in the same guild. It is an indispensable feature that allows guildleaders to distribute goods to their guildmembers either for PVM purposes or to prepare for War of Emperium.

Ragnarok Online[edit | edit source]

The Guild Warehouse storage in RO.

In RO, guilds never had access to a guild storage system of any kind. The only storage benefits were free Kafra storage access in conquered castles. It was not until 2014 that a Guild Warehouse system was finally implemented into the game.

RO's Guild Warehouse allows guildleaders to give access privileges to members of their guild. In addition, the system has an item log that documents what items have been deposited or withdrawn from the Guild Warehouse and by whom in the guild. The Guild Warehouse must be unlocked via the Guild Warehouse Expansion skill first before the guild can use it.

  • Basic item capacity is 100 slots (max 500).

Ragnarok Online II[edit | edit source]

The Guild Warehouse storage in RO2.

RO2's Guild Warehouse works basically the same as RO except that RO2's Guild Warehouse allows the sharing of both items and money among guildmembers. The Guild Warehouse has to be unlocked via the Prosperity of Guild skill first before the guild can make use of it.

  • Basic item capacity is 20 slots (max 100).
  • Basic money capacity is 10 Zeny (max 200).

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Patches[edit | edit source]

Ragnarok Online

  • Patch (2018 Jun. 20)
    • Fixed a problem where the character name is not displayed in the guild warehouse history.
  • Patch (2018 May 30)
    • Fixed the problem that prevented items from being moved when dragging and dropping items from a cart or warehouse.
  • Patch (2018 Feb. 07)
    • Now when using the minitab on the warehouse, every time the warehouse is opened, the minitab is opened.
  • Patch (2017 Sept. 20)
    • North American culture town "Rock Ridge" now has a Guild Warehouse NPC.
  • Patch (2016 Nov. 16)
    • Fixed the invisibility of some items in the [Guild Warehouse].
  • Patch (2016 Feb. 03)
    • A [Guild Warehouse] NPC is now available in every city (Morocc, Umbala, Comodo, Izlude, Alberta, Nifflheim, Rachel, Veins, Juno, Lighthalzen, Einbroch, Einbech, Lutie, Brasilis, Kunlun, Moscovia, Luoyang, Ayothaya, Dewata, Port Malaya, Amatsu).
  • Patch (2014 Nov. 12)
    • Fixed some items that could not be stored inside the [Guild Warehouse].
  • Guild Warehouse Update (2014 Feb. 05)
    • You can now give your guildmembers access to [Guild Warehouse] by checking the box just like how you give them power to invite/punish; also added Item Log.

Ragnarok Online II