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Like many MMORPGs on the market, different hairstyles are available in Ragnarok Online for players to customize their characters with. There are different versions of hairstyles for both male and female characters.

In the beginning of RO's development, hairstyles were once animated so that they would mesh with the movement animation of player characters. They were later replaced with static versions for some reason. (Read more on Unimplemented RO Features.)

Items Required[edit | edit source]

In RO you must collect certain items in addition to paying Zeny in order to change your character's hairstyle:

Once you have all the items required to change your character's hairstyle, you can either go to the Lighthalzen General Store (3rd floor) or the Alberta Hair Salon. Keep in mind that each hair salon will offer different sets of hairstyles.

Alberta Hair Salon[edit | edit source]

The hair salon in Alberta.

In Alberta, the hair salon was fashioned from an unused inn by a lady name Veronica. In order to choose a particular hairstyle, players must enter a numerical digit from 1 to 19. All of these hairstyles are available on the character creation screen.

Male[edit | edit source]

Female[edit | edit source]

Lighthalzen General Store[edit | edit source]

The Lighthalzen General Store.

The Lighthalzen hairstylist by the name of Prince Shammi is located on the third floor of the Lighthalzen General Store. He offers a much smaller selection of hairstyles. The Old Hairstyles can be selected on the character creation screen, but the New Hairstyles are unavailable on it.

Male[edit | edit source]

Female[edit | edit source]

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2018 Oct. 31)
    • Fixed an issue with cash shop hairstyle 'Axe Tornado Cut' getting separated from characters' heads during shooting animations.
  • Patch (2018 Aug. 01)
    • 4 new hair styles will be added.
    • You can change your new hairstyle to "Jeremy's Beauty Coupon II" in the Styling Shop.
  • Patch (2012 Dec. 18)
    • Added Kagerou, Oboro, and Rebel hairstyles.
  • Patch
    • Added 3rd Class hairstyles.
  • Patch (2004 Mar. 16)
    • A hairdresser who changes the hairstyle that you have been waiting for a long time has come to Alberta. The minimum restriction is base Level 60 and above, so look for her and try to style a cool hairstyle for each job. ^^