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RO Herico.png
Herico's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Scientist
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Herico was the lab assistant of Doctor Varmundt back when they both worked in Rekenber Corporation's Regenschirm Laboratory. Something happened during his time there that caused him to leave. He has since moved to Hugel to live in peace.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Herico encounters an adventurer, who was sent by Siide, at his home in Hugel one day. He welcomes the company and begins chatting it up with the adventurer. He notes that the people of Hugel are not big fans of airships and wonders if the adventurer could investigate the nearby airship to see how it works in order to ease the hesitant minds of the townspeople. The adventurer not only explains how the airship works, but its power source as well. Herico is impressed by the mechanics of it all and begins to tell the adventurer about the plight of the mercenaries that once existed in Schwarzwald.

In the beginning, the people of Schwarzwald hired mercenaries to uphold the peace and defend the towns. Mercenaries in Schwarzwald were respected for risking their lives and they made good money. Once Rekenber Corporation invented the Guardians, mercenaries became obsolete and most could no longer make a living. In response, the mercenaries united and started the Mercenary Rebellion. The public supported them at first but then they slowly lost their appeal; they lost the public's trust by resorting to violence and their rebellion was eventually squashed. Then they all disappeared but not before fighting one last battle. When the adventurer inquires more about the mercenaries, Herico says he doesn't know any more, but recalls a news reporter in Lighthalzen who may have covered the story. The adventurer then disappears out the door.

Some time passes before Herico encounters the adventurer again. He learns from the adventurer that the mercenaries rebelled in response to a Guardian incident which killed one of their own. Doctor Varmundt sympathized with the mercenaries because he didn't want his research to be used for militaristic purposes. When Varmundt was to meet the mercenaries at his home, Rekenber sent Guardians to wipe out the mercenaries and infiltrated Varmundt's home to steal his research papers.

Imbued with this new knowledge, Herico now feels the desire to take down Rekenber for the sake of Doctor Varmundt. He asks the adventurer if he/she would join him and the adventurer agrees. He then sends the adventurer to Lighthalzen to steal the master copy of Rekenber's research. When the adventurer returns with the master copy, Herico then sends him/her to Einbech to purchase a Marine Sphere Bottle to destroy the equipment in the second level of the Regenschirm Laboratory and put an end to Rekenber's unethical experimentations. The adventurer then heads towards the mining town.

The adventurer returns later to report that the deed was done. Herico notes that the machines will be replaced eventually, at the very least it'll slow down progress in the laboratory. He says that if the adventurer can bring him more evidence of the laboratory's atrocities, he can compile the proof needed to help bring down Rekenber. He goes on to say that if they were to get someone of great wealth, influence, or political power, they'd be able to shut down the laboratory for good. The adventurer then brings up President Karl Theodore Weierstrass, whom Herico seems doubtful of at first. But the adventurer goes on to say that the president is actively trying to bring down Rekenber, which makes Herico elated to hear. He then gives the master copy of Rekenber's research to the adventurer to deliver to the president and thanks the adventurer for all he/she has done.[1]

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