Charles Hermite

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Charles Hermite
Charles as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Rogue
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 5 (Ragnarok Online)

Charles Hermite is a member of the Rogue Guild and a registered adventurer at the Monster Research Organization. He is usually found praying in the Prontera Sanctuary.

On iRO, this character is localized as Hermite Charles.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Charles never knew his parents and became a Thief, eventually joining the Rogue Guild later in his life. When registering for the Monster Research Organization in Juno, he failed to fill out his form properly, filling in the application with bogus answers. He later met a woman name Lowen Ellenen and fell in love with her. He always thought she'd become a Knight for the Prontera Chivalry, but she became a Crusader for the Prontera Sanctuary instead.

The last time Charles saw Lowen was when she went on a mission to the Geffen Tower to subjugate monsters in the dungeons below it. Worried for Lowen's safety, Charles followed her squad to the dungeon and saved her from a casting of Grand Cross, which resulted in the death of everyone in the squad except for her. Charles took care of her afterwards for three days before she disappeared without a word. Two years later, Lowen's body turns up dead in the Geffen dungeon and she was buried behind the Prontera Sanctuary. Charles went to her funeral and has been going to the Prontera Sanctuary ever since to pray for an answer as to how she died.

Some time after Lowen's death, Charles stole one of Freyja's teardrops, which was meant to be given by the king to a guild that owns a castle. He soon feared its presence and would become anxious near it. One day, he thought the item possessed him and sent him on a journey. He ended up in Lutie and went over a bridge to a hill to the west. But once he arrived, he became filled with terror. He ended up running away and giving the item to Enrico Kaili of the Monster Research Organization.

One day, he was approached by an adventurer bearing a letter from Enrico. He nonchalantly tosses the letter aside and tells the adventurer of his life's story. He ends with a request for the adventurer to find information on Lowen's whereabouts. The adventurer asks him where he last saw her and leaves the church.

The adventurer returns later to tell Charles that Lowen was dead, to which Charles asserts that he already knew. He goes on to tell the adventurer that he wants to know what happened during the two years between when Lowen went missing and when she turned up dead. He suggests that the first place to start looking would be the dungeons beneath Geffen Tower where she was last seen.[1]

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