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RO Heslanta.png
Heslanta's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Jerute
Race Sapha
First Appearance Episode 13 (Ragnarok Online)

Heslanta is the representative for El Dicastes who works under the city's prime minister. He is very bored when working behind his desk and is always eager to meet someone in his office.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

When Heslanta sees an adventurer leaving Ahat's office, he pulls him/her aside to ask if there's anything strange about the minister. He reveals he doesn't trust Ahat because there's too many oddities surrounding the man. When the adventurer tells Heslanta that he/she is serving Ahat, the Sapha becomes even more curious as to why Ahat would choose a non-Sapha as his servant. When the adventurer asks what would happen if he/she were to hurt him under Ahat's orders, Heslanta challenges the norman to try as his office was specially built to discourage such a scenario. If someone were to attempt to hurt him, Galtuns would come in to defend the Sapha. He then goes on to admit he is risking his life to investigate Ahat, but declares that Saphas do not fear death. Therefore he would have no regrets dying as long as he was able to reveal the truth.

Hearing that, the adventurer reveals that Ahat tried to hypnotize him/her to do his bidding, but the hypnotism failed. As the adventurer was also investigating the minister, he/she pretended to be under Ahat's spell in order to find out more about him. The adventurer then proceeds to take out the Frozen Piece of Skin, Clotted Bloodstains, and Strange Magic Stones he/she found near the Dimensional Gap and explain what Ahat had him/her do. After hearing all that, Heslanta admits he initially thought Ahat was a fellow Sapha that somehow managed to avoid the Sapha's petrification disease. The adventurer then goes on to tell Heslanta that Ahat is actually a norman. Heslanta responds that Saphas had only recently started allowing normans to visit so he doesn't understand why would one pursue the position of prime minister. As such, he doesn't believe Ahat is a norman like the adventurer claims.

Heslanta begins explaining that they first found Ahat near the dimensional crack when it first opened. With no memory of his past, the Saphas took him to their prime minister Ravail who wisely concluded that Ahat was a special Sapha. Ahat was only able to climb the ladder to minister because Ravail came to trust him. Heslanta decides that the adventurer's belief that Ahat is a norman could be part of Ahat's spell as well. But the adventurer's explanations mean that Ahat is trying to cover up evidence of his coming from the dimensional crack and doesn't want any of the Saphas to know about it. That's why he has tasked the adventurer, a non-Sapha, to do the job.

Although Heslanta fully believes that Ahat is a Sapha and is working for the good of his race, he still distrusts the minister because the power of the state is being concentrated on El Dicastes; mainly Ahat. Heslanta believes that power should be spread evenly throughout the different departments, not given to one individual. He fears what would happen if Ahat manages to gain autocracy over the Saphas.

After talking with the adventurer, Heslanta concludes that he will still keep an eye on Ahat as he's not sure what to believe. He thanks the adventurer for talking with him and says that he will keep his guard up just in case something happens.[1]

Sometime after the adventurer left, Ahat used his hypnotism to disappear and trick the Saphas into thinking he never existed. Heslanta was able to to avoid being affected by the hypnotism because of his suspicions and went to the Elders to request that they join in the subjugation of the Demon God Surt. Some Saphas were against the initiative, stating that it would risk the safety of their kind. However, Heslanta would not relent and manages to successfully convince the Elders. With an army of Galtuns at his command, Heslanta marches to the Flame Basin where he encountered the Norman and Laphine armies. It was also there where he ran across the adventurer again and fills him/her in on what's happened since they last met. Heslanta then asks the adventurer about Cheshire and requests him/her to hunt down some rampaging boxes that he suspects are Bradium Boxes that have been stolen from the Saphas.[2]

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