Hibba Agip

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Hibba Agip
RO HibbaAgip.png
Hibba's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Knight?
Race Norman
Main Weapon a sword
Friends Instructor Ingrid
First Appearance Episode 13 (Ragnarok Online)

Hibba Agip is the commander of the United Midgard Alliance expedition in the Ash Vacuum. He was once the official of a small town (possibly Morocc) and was later promoted to commander. He is a very military man who has little taste for scholarly pursuits.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Hibba is first seen lamenting his current duties as expedition commander to his right-hand man Ingrid and advisor Abidail. He has been too busy running the expedition that he did not have time to read research reports that spoke of an adventurer making great strides to help out the expedition.

When approached by the adventurer in question, Hibba seems doubtful that the adventurer is everything that Abidail says he/she is. Unfortunately, he is in a rather compromising situation as he has an important duty to deliver an Expedition Report back to the 3 countries in Midgard, but he has to remain in the Ash Vacuum to oversee the expedition. As a result, he reluctantly recruits the adventurer in delivering the report back to their world.

A short time later, the adventurer returns to tell Hibba that the report delivery was sabotaged. Hibba is disappointed, but understanding as he heard that the adventurer did what he/she could to protect the report. Therefore, Hibba lays the task of recompiling the report on the shoulders of the adventurer as there were no other copies of the report made for security measures. The adventurer understands the situation and disappears out the door.

By some miracle, the adventurer comes back later with all 40 pages of the Expedition Report, all bound back together with the help of Abidail. Hibba is impressed and orders 3 copies of the report to be made in order for the 3 Midgard countries to each have a copy of their own. With that problem taken care of, Hibba orders the adventurer to deliver the report once more, albeit with heavy security just in case. The reports are to be sent to Minister Laur of Rune-Midgarts, Priest Nuria of Arunafeltz, and Gerhart of Schwarzwald. With that, the adventurer leaves again.

The adventurer reports back some time later that he/she has delivered all 3 copies of the Expedition Report. Hibba is happy to hear that and notes that this may not be the last of these strange occurrences. He rewards the adventurer for his/her efforts and bids him/her farewell until the next time they meet.[1]

Hibba encounters the adventurer again when he/she reports that he/she has found a mysterious gate in a cave nearby. Hibba admits that he doesn't know what it might be and refers the adventurer to an expedition historian name Magnifier. The adventurer goes and reports back that his/her investigation into the cave have made finding information about it more complicated with the Laphines and the Saphas. Hibba consults Abidail on what to do about the situation and Abidail suggests that they should send an adventurer to each tribe in order to get their cooperation. Hibba agrees to the plan and sends the adventurer to one tribe while he seeks another adventurer to visit the opposing tribe.[2]

Some time later, Hibba gets word that a Sapha (name Vyhannus) from Manuk wishes to speak to the adventurer that contributed to the formation of the Ring of the Ancient Wise King. He then goes and bursts into a conversation between the adventurer and the Sapha (possibly assuming the adventurer was the same one he sent to deliver the report back to Midgard). He quickly evaluates the adventurer and tells him/her to meet up with someone name Doha after their conversation and then vanishes from the room.[3][4]

Word gets sent to the expedition that Raiyan Moore was being held in Eclage. The importance of this discovery prompts Hibba to immediately go to Alfheim by himself where hear learns of what Raiyan has done and the information he found about the Dimensional Gap. While there, he meets the adventurer from before and hopes to see him/her again in the future.[5]

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