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The Honing menu.

The Honing System is a special refinement system for weapons. Honing will randomly increase a particular stat on an item, depending on the item grade. The random numbers applied are different based on the rarity of the item. Additional random options and rates are different according to the item’s quality.[1]

Each weapon can only be honed once. Weapon descriptions will now show a star level system and if it is possible for it to be honed.

How to Hone[edit | edit source]

  1. Open the Honing menu to begin the process.
  2. Add the weapon and honing item.
  3. Press the "Start Honing" button.

A specific option increase will be added depending on an item’s rarity. (General-level items cannot be used in Honing.) Items that are at least Magic level rarity have a possibility to get a prefix option. Once the prefix option is applied, the other option rate will be applied with a higher rate compared to if the general option was applied. Given option type and state rate will be decided based on item's quality. Better quality items will get more stats and options. If you use a supplementary item, the chance to get the written option becomes higher.[2]

Honing Polish[edit | edit source]

To hone certain attributes, players must acquire honing polish, which can be purchased from NPCs in exchange for either Mastery Points or Blood Points.

Honing Polish MP Cost BP Cost Zeny Cost
HP Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
SP Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
ATK Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
MATK Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
Hit Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
Defense Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
Parry Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
Dodge Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
Critical Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
Vigor Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
Haste Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
Dmg Increase PvP Honing Polish ?? ?? ??
Reduction PvP Honing Polish ?? ?? ??

Removing a Honing Attribute[edit | edit source]

To remove a honed attributed from your weapon, you must use a Complete Honing Scrub.

References[edit | edit source]

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • iRO2 Patch (2014 Feb. 19)
    • Honing System added. Bug cropped up which allows players to receive attribute boosts in the tens of thousands.