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Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that allow users to quickly access certain features or execute actions in MMORPGs. In Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok Online II, hotkeys are generally used to initiate skills in the game.

Ragnarok Online[edit | edit source]

Although RO allowed players to assign up to 3 rows of hotkeys, hotkeys were limited to the F keys (F1-F9). As such, players could only view one row of hotkeys at a time via the F12 button. It wasn't until the Renewal update that players were not only allowed to customize hotkeys, but were also given the option to see up to 4 rows of hotkeys at once. In RO, the hotkey bars can be placed anywhere on the UI, allowing flexible UI customization.

Ragnarok Online II[edit | edit source]

RO2 allows players to use up to 3 rows of hotkeys with full hotkey customization. Unlike RO, RO2's hotkeys are fixed to the UI menu bar and is transparent to not hinder the view of their characters.

Macros[edit | edit source]

Macro is a computing process that allows for a string of hotkeys to be automated for efficiency. Some PC peripherals are designed specifically for macros, which can aid in alleviating the strain of doing tasks that require excessive amounts of mouse-clicks and button presses. Macros are different from complete automation, or botting, in that button presses and mouse-clicks are still necessary for macros to even work. As such, macros have limitations when it comes to automating tasks in video games and are thus widely approved by game developers for players to utilize.

Patches[edit | edit source]

Ragnarok Online

  • Patch (2019 Dec. 18)
    • Fixed a bug where reloading the Memorial Dungeon popup with the F11 shortcut was not possible.
  • Patch (2019 Dec. 11)
    • Fixed the problem where skill bar changed setting text was not displayed in the shortcut key setting window.
  • Patch (2019 May 29)
    • Fixed the issue of the secondary shortcut window resetting when moving maps after setting the second skill shortening window.
  • Patch (2018 Dec. 26)
    • Fixed the error that the change setting button of the hotkey setting window does not appear.
  • Patch (2018 Dec. 12)
    • The contents of the shortcut list and hotkey setting window are changed to be saved in the server.
  • Patch (2018 May 02)
    • The maximum zoom feature is improved to allow smoother travel between maps.
  • Patch (2018 Apr. 25)
    • Game view extension (zoom out function) is improved.
      • You can now zoom out and see as far as +3 cells.
      • You can activate this feature via the game setting menu, /zoom command, or Alt + Y keys.
  • Patch (2018 Apr. 04)
    • Fixed an issue with skill icons in the hotkey bar not resetting after using the skills.
  • Patch (2017 Apr. 05)
    • Some systems for Beginner Support are improved.
      • "Graphics Settings" and "Sound Settings" are integrated into "Game Settings" in the Settings menu.
      • During the initial installation of the client, the default status is improved.
      • Each status parameter in the status window indicates which capability it affects.
      • The drag display of the skill shortened window changes to the button display.
      • NPC conversation progress is possible with SPACE key. (It does not work if you need to input content.)
      • The keyboard shortcut window related to the shortcut is added.
      • The character bar main menu UI is changed.
      • The N display function is added to the main menu according to the character's status change.
  • RO-minilogo.png Renewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Added 3 extra hotkey bars and allowed customization of hotkeys.

Ragnarok Online II