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Ian Atnad

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Ian Atnad
RO IanAtnad.png
Ian's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Archaeologist
Race Norman
Family unnamed wife
Alcyone Nile Atnad (daughter)
First Appearance Episode 15 (Ragnarok Online)
...Rookie. I don't have time for rookies. Send them back!
~ Ian Atnad

Ian Atnad is the leader of the Atnad Excavation Team and father of Alcyone Nile Atnad.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ian left his family to pursue archaeological interests and cut off communications with his family for some time. When he finally returned, Rahim informed Ian that Alcyone had liquidated her inheritance. Ian became furious, lashed out, and disappeared.

Some time later, Lime Evenor approached him and the Atnad Excavation Team to propose one more excavation that would be sponsored by the Paradise Group. Ian welcomed the collaboration at first, until he found out that the leader of the Paradise Group was none other than his estranged daughter. Because of this, Rahim Aures ended up becoming the point of contact with the Paradise Group on behalf of the Atnad Excavation Team.[1]

In Verus City, Ian eventually meets the adventurer that was recommended by Rahim to join the excavation team. Ian was not impressed, and immediately decides to test the adventurer's worthiness to join the team. Rahim is exasperated by Ian's antic, but Ian would not be deterred. He sends the adventurer to collect Power Control Devices from the robots in the area to prove him/herself. When the adventurer returns with the devices, Ian begrudgingly takes them from the adventurer.[2]

Later, Ian summons the adventurer back to the team's base camp and he tells the adventurer that he knows he/she wants something from him. He challenges the adventurer to get him a delicious delicacy that meets all the specific qualities that he wants. If the adventurer is able to fulfill his task, then he would tell him/her anything he/she wants to know. The adventurer leaves and returns with a Beef Toast, which surprisingly is able to meet all of things Ian wanted in a food. Thoroughly impressed, he relents and accepts the adventurer as part of the team. He reveals that the last exploration of the Atnad Excavation Team was the Juperos Ruins, and it was nothing special. Ian expresses that the place he was looking for isn't related to Verus City.

With that out of the way, Ian explains that the reason why Rekenber has restricted access to an area of Verus City was because the machines in that area reacted sensitively to organic organisms such as themselves. In addition, there was a strange veil of energy surrounding the area. Thanks to the efforts to the adventurer, the Atnad Excavation Team was given permission to access the restricted area. Ian tasks the adventurer to go explore the restricted area and report his/her findings back to him.

The adventurer returns with a Memory Record, which Ian instantly recognizes. He recalls seeing his great-grandparents using a record player to listen to music and voice recordings from a memory record. He found it odd that such a thing would be found in Verus City, but notes that he hasn't seen a memory record anywhere else since seeing one at his great-grandparents' place. He explains to the adventurer that they would need a record player to listen to what information is on the memory record, which then brings him back to the issue of his daughter Alcyone having sold off his house where he had a record player. With that, it seems that both Ian and Rahim would have to rely on the adventurer to see if he/she could get the record player from Alcyone if she had kept it after selling the house.

The adventurer comes back and repeats what he/she heard from the memory record. Ian is surprised and wonders why his family name was mentioned. Rahim theorizes that Ian could be a descendant of the people of Verus City, but Ian could not believe it. However, he couldn't deny that Juperos felt familiar to him for some reason and that him being a descendant of Verus City denizens would explain that. Wanting to know more about his possible ancestry, Ian tasks the adventurer to investigate the restricted area and find more memory records there.[3]

Ian later hears from the adventurer that Alcyone refuses to relinquish the record player to him. He is puzzled as to why she wants to hold onto it, until the adventurer explains that Alcyone plans to help compile memory records in Verus City and report her findings to him. Rahim is happy that father and daughter are finally getting along so that the rest of the excavation will progress smoothly. Ian tasks the adventurer to assist Alcyone for the duration of the Fantasmagorica Project.[4]

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