Illusion - Shock

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Illusion - Shock
Usable by
Job Class Kagerou, Oboro
Type Active
Category Debuff
Levels 5
Cast Time (3.5 - 0.5*Skill Lv.) seconds
Cooldown 10 seconds
Other Information
Requirements Illusion - Bewitch Lv. 2

Illusion - Shock is a WoE-only skill. If successfully casted upon a target, he/she will turn into a Poring (sprite change) and lose the ability to change equipment. Will also reduce all the stats of the target by a random number between 2*skilllvl~3*skilllvl.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Enemy's INT will reduce the chance of being inflicted, as well as the duration of the ailment.

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