Isenhour Walter

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Isenhour Walter
Isenhour as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Prince
Race Norman
Family Isenhardt Walter (brother)
Ian Walter (uncle)
Schmitz Von Walter (ancestor)
First Appearance Episode 16 (Ragnarok Online)

Isenhour Walter is the heir of the Walter family and brother of Isenhardt Walter. His uncle Ian Walter and him are visiting Prontera for the Royal Assembly to choose the new king of Rune-Midgarts. The Walter family is refraining from participating in the Royal Assembly because of what happened to Isenhour's brother.[1]

On iRO, this character is localized as Isenhonor Walter.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Isenhour came to Prontera very upset because he did not know what happened to his brother Isenhardt. He does not believe that his brothers would violently attack the other royal candidates for no reason and wishes to know the truth. Because of this, he rejected the tradition of Guardian Knights and went to Prontera with his uncle instead. He has tried to investigate his brother's death, but the elders in his family prohibited him from looking into what led to it.

Isenhour was later approached by the adventurer that was invited to the Royal Assembly. He expresses his frustrations with the rumors surrounding his brother's death, to which the adventurer offers to investigate the cause for him. Isenhour is skeptical and wonders why the adventurer would go through the trouble for his sake, and the adventurer responds simply that he/she just goes to where the adventure is. Isenhour does not quite understand, but is desperate enough to seek the adventurer's aid. He sends the adventurer to his family's manor located in the southern part of Alberta to find his Guardian Knight Simon Walter Marshall.

The adventurer returns some time later and relays to Isenhour that he/she met with Kain Walter Walker, Isenhardt's Guardian Knight. It would seem that Isenhardt sent Kain on a special mission to Veins and was meant to return to Prontera after it was done. However, Kain received a letter from Isenhardt telling him to not return to him no matter what, along with a large amount of money. Some time later, Kain heard about Isenhardt's death and after that rumors circulated that Kain had something to do with it. Kain wanted badly to clear his name, but he could not disobey Isenhardt's last order and so has remained in Veins ever since. Isenhour thanks the adventure and affirms that he will continue the investigation with the aid of his Guardian Knight.[2]

Isenhour later appears at the Ritual of Blessing with his uncle Ian. The ritual begins with Kronecker leading everyone to chant their blessings upon the chosen candidate Peter Heine.

On behalf of the seven royal families supporting Rune-Midgarts
Here is the new appointed representative
May the blessing starlight reach the glory of the earth
Please allow the power from the source to be granted for all beings
The courage to charge forward and strike the enemy
The heart to embrace everything in this world
The strong will to protect everything within reach
The intact pride of justice and faith that never bends no matter what
The virtue of looking up to others with a humble mind
And the wisdom to see the truth

Before the ritual could complete, an intruder appears and strikes down Peter. The intruder elaborates that he heard that a piece Ymir's Heart was hidden in the Room of Consciousness, but it turned out to be a fake. The adventurer and the royal families attempt to approach the intruder, but the intruder threatens that if they take another step he will destroy the fake Heart of Ymir. Kronecker is surprised that the Heart of Ymir is fake, which causes the intruder to realize that none of the royal families know where the real one is hidden if they were ignorantly carrying out the ritual with a fake. The intruder is frustrated that he wasted his time with a fake and decides to leave without causing more of a scene. However, he quickly backtracks on his word and destroys the fake Heart of Ymir. The royal families are then accosted by more intruders, but they are able to fend them off with the help of the adventurer. The intruders disappear and the royal families evacuate the ritual hall.[3]

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