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Jeepneys are vehicles designed to transport adventurers all over Malaya's port for utmost convenience. Jeepneys do not cost anything to use so players are able to use them without paying Zeny for the services.

NOTE: Jeepneys are a Ragnarok Online-exclusive transportation system that can only be found in the Philippines culture town of Malaya.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jeepneys were originally developed to transport goods all over Malaya's port, but has since been adapted to carry passengers. For safety reasons, each Jeepney can only carry a certain number of people. Supposedly there are Jeepneys that can carry up to 180 people, but those are not currently available in Malaya.

Using Jeepneys[edit | edit source]

When boarding a Jeepney, players are taken to a separate Jeepney map similarly to how players board the Airship. Unlike the Airship, players can quickly choose their destination instead of waiting to arrive at the destination via a system message. Upon entering the Jeepney, simply walk over to the warp portal in order to bring up the destination prompt. Players can also go back outside instead of choosing a destination.

Jeepney Routes[edit | edit source]

There are 3 different vehicles in Malaya's Jeepney transit system. Each takes players to different areas of the port town and have different player capacities.


  • Center
  • Southwest
  • Southeast


  • Center
  • Northeast
  • Southeast


  • Center
  • Northwest
  • Southeast

As Jeepneys were based on the real-life Jeepneys of the Philippines, filling up the larger capacity Jeepneys to crowd them is encouraged.

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